Thao With The Get Down Stay Down @ Kilby Court

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July 25, 2008
With Future Of The Ghost and Tune Yards

The show finally started an hour and a half after the doors opened. Word at the door was that we were waiting for Thao Nguyen to arrive so she could watch Future Of The Ghost play. Thankfully that idea was abandoned. This was Future’s first show with its current lineup and things probably weren’t as tight as they could have been. Every once in a while they would settle down and sing in falsettos reminiscent of the Unicorns, which was pretty enjoyable. And thanks to Chaz Prymek I realized that I am in need of some shorty shorts.

The Future of The Ghost

I figured out how I am going to spend all of my time in between sets from now on. If you have some quarters to blow and are in need of a rigorous test of skill, meet me at the NFL Blitz machine near Kilby’s bathrooms. After an intense game with some kids who were probably not even attending the show came the highlight of the night, Tune Yards. Singer and creator Merrill’s set consisted of nothing more than a ukulele, a loop pedal and a strangely endearing demeanor. She would begin by beat boxing (she had skills comparable to Biz Markie) into the loop pedal. After getting a nice loop going she would bring in her infectious ukulele riffs, and commanding vocals. Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down then joined her on stage and added to her already impressive stage presence. After her performance I made sure to buy one of her cassettes for my shitty 90s car.

Tune Yards

Thao with Get Down Stay Down

After another short break and a little more NFL Blitz, it was time to watch Thao. Something I have neglected to mention until now is that there was an unusually high number of small children at this show. It wasn’t a bad thing, just incredibly surprising. I looked down at my feet at one point to find a swarm of small children buzzing around to the music. Thao brought a couple of them up on stage, introduced them as her boyfriends and gave them tambourines. They played a nearly flawless set, even incorporating a fellow band member’s toothbrush. Thao’s banter with bassist Adam Thompson was pretty entertaining, but it might be because I find people with beards funny.