September 2015 National CD Reviews

Review: The Bad Engrish – No Passing Trend

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The Bad Engrish No Passing Trend

The Bad Engrish
No Passing Trend

Rebel Sound Music
Street: 05.23
The Bad Engrish = The Business + The Potato Pirates + The Briefs

Much like the music itself, the Bad Engrish show no signs of slowing down. These Denver street punk/Oi! hybrids have resurrected their long ago recorded material from their Punks Forever… …Forever Punks! tape. The album is loaded with tongue-in-cheek Brit references with songs like “Fish & Chips,” “Bollox” and “Harry May.” Scourging skinhead anthems like “Oi!’s Not Dead,” “Pogo Power” and “You Hate Me” will keep you chanting throughout the entire record. As soon as this punk rock assault ends, you’ll be left with an uncontrollable urge to pogo with your fist in the air and chant “Oi!’s not dead! Oi!’s not dead! Oi!’s not dead! We fucking know!”
Eric U. Norris