July 2015 National Music Reviews

Review: The Beatdown – The Beatdown meets Hugo Mudie

the beatdown the beatdown meets hugo mudie album coverThe Beatdown
The Beatdown meets Hugo Mudie

Stomp Records
Street: 05.26
The Beatdown = The Clash + Rancid

The Beatdown meets Hugo Mudie is a onetime collaboration between the Montreal ska group and Hugo Mudie (Miracles, Yesterday’s Ring). The resulting album is a perfect example of the fundamentals of reggae rock with a punky edge. It’s got whiskey-soaked vocals and is smooth, calm and soulful with an up-tempo feel while acknowledging a roots-reggae style. Top tracks to dig here are “I’m The War,” “God Is God,” “ Sailing The Sea” and “Crazy.” In all, I recommend this record to be played with the volume dial cranked high for its uplifting effects, or to be set as background noise to drown out the dullness of profound silence. –Nick Kuzmack