The Duke Spirit @ The Urban Lounge

Posted November 11, 2008 in
The Duke Spirit
The Urban Lounge
With Eagles of Death Metal

Leila Moss is a rock goddess. If you learn one thing about the live experience of The Duke Spirit, that should be it. I haven’t been rocked this hard by a female vocalist at The Urban Lounge since Theo and The Skyscrapers knocked my boots the fuck off a few years ago. Theo was standing on a lightbox that hightened the hotness effect but Leila only needed her sexy British accent to get the guys in the audience going. I saw several, ahem, perk up at her first utterance. There was some music of some sort as well.

On that note, I wasn’t really enjoying the band as they started their set and was quite disappointed that the songs were proceeding along at a slower clip than the album cuts from Neptune I’ve been used to, but the band steadily picked it up and Leila started shaking her black feather boa to better effect and the audience reciprocated with appropriate shimmying and head nodding.

To say that we were all won over by the end would be an understatement. The applause got more raucous as the set proceeded. The band started off with their song entitled, well, how about you look at the set list below, all you diehards, and see how it went yourself.

The Duke Spirit Setlist
I snagged the above from the stage to make this whole review thing easier and took a picture to simplify it even more for all of us.

Thankfully there were only two bands playing that night because I am quite turned off by all the fucking smoke these venues emit, and as a former almost pack a day smoker who never thought he’d say it, I welcome when Utah will go smoke free January 1st, 2009. I think it’s time we left archaic and factually-proven detrimental personal “choices” in the ignorant century they belong and not in people’s faces. *cough cough* Before anybody gets too chapped, I’m fine with ya’ll smoking yourself (and hated it just as much as you do when someone criticized me in the past) as long as whatever health care plan this country adopts takes that into account and doesn’t support the costs of the medical bills from it. Let the tobacco companies pay those individually in lawsuit awards, I say. They’ve made enough money off other people’s misery and should start ponying up.

Look, that may have pissed people off, but what I’m about to say may make even more hipfucks bitter but I don’t give a fuck. I didn’t really enjoy The Eagles of Death Metal. I haven’t really heard this band much before, admittedly, but a live show is what really sells me on a group, regardless. It is the ultimate decider, the kind George W. Bush wanted to be. And I was not sold by T.E.O.D.M. especially after seeing The Duke Spirit right before.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw how cool everybody at the show was and how very gritty and rock ‘n roll T.E.O.D.M. are but I can go plunk around 3 chords with shitty backing vocals myself if I wanted to hear some uncreative, repetitive shit. And I know it is kind of a joke to have a band have the title “Death Metal” in their name but really, how ironic/po-mo must we be to see it’s just gussied up garage rock? I’ve decided, as well, that any percussionist who only has one tom and no more than four cymbals isn’t worth shit. Percussion really livens up a performance and not much can be improved on with three drums. But maybe I have yet to see a drummer that knows what the fuck they are doing with only a three piece kit.

I mean, he only had three drums for fuck’s sake (to beat a dead horse some more, pun intended)! I know that is en vogue lately but it also could be a sign of a shitty drummer people, and a sign of your stupidity at thinking it’s fucking edgy. It’s not. It’s a cop-out considering the breadth of percussion choices available to the modern drummer. I noticed the guy had an electric drum pad of some sort, which didn’t make a whole helluva lot of sense either. They aren’t an electronic group. Get some more toms for chrissake.

Long story short: The Duke Spirit are worth seeing again, and unless your scene cred depends on seeing The Eagles of Death Metal, stay home and save your lungs ‘til the ban is official.