The Faint @ In The Venue

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The Faint
July 30, 2008
In The Venue
With Cavedoll, and Shy Child

The Faint

When you get a couple hundred kids from one of the most conservative of cities together to listen to dance music, shit gets ridiculous. The horde of angry, over-groomed scene kids wrapped around the building at least twice. After a short pat-down from a strangely enthusiastic security guard, I was in. It was now time for me to find my place amongst the crowd. I had two choices, the group of kids that wore neckerchiefs, or the ones who show up at hardcore shows with battle plans. I chose the former.

Cavedoll couldn’t have seemed less interested in being there. Their lead singer was the only one showing any enthusiasm. I find this lack of excitement strange, I would think that opening for The Faint would be the ideal show for somebody hoping to make a name in indie-dance. However, watching the lead singer stroll around stage like a velociraptor was pretty entertaining.

I began to shake with excitement. Seeing a keytar during set-up, almost always means that you are in for a treat. Shy Child was well received by the neckerchief portion of the crowd. This is where the dancing began. The crowd was really into it, and the band was thrilled to be there (judging by the singer’s constant smile). They had an incredibly full sound for being a two piece. They were the perfect opening band.

When Todd Fink came out in his lab coat and goggles, I thought for a second that I might be at a Holy Molar show. That idea quickly ended when some ridiculous metal kid screamed out “YOU’RE THE FAINT.” They started off with an old favorite “Agenda Suicide.” This is where the crowd went apeshit. I never knew people moshed to The Faint. The entire room turned into an extremely aggressive mosh pit, that didn’t calm down until close to 1 a.m.

It was intense, there was even crowd surfing. So I hate to be one to complain, but if you are going to a dance show, please wear a shirt. At one point during the crowd surfing I got a bare armpit to the head and a wet dreadlock to the face. It got pretty gnarly and humid from all of the sweat. I managed to escape with nothing more than a few bruises. From what I saw, The Faint had an insane amount of energy on stage. They played stuff from albums as far back as Blank-Wave Arcade and thankfully avoided Media. After this show I ended up at Denny’s soaked in sweat with two empty pitchers of water in front of me.