National Music Reviews December 2015

The Foreign Resort – The American Dream

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The Foreign Resort – The American Dream

The Foreign Resort
The American Dream

Moon Sounds Records
Street: 10.23
The Foreign Resort = A Place to Bury Strangers + early New Order + Swervedriver + The Cure

This is definitely not your father’s post-punk band. These Danish post-punk specialists transform their voluminous influences into an EP that possesses a singular fault: It is not long enough. Providing commentary by taking broad, sweeping strokes on American culture, Foreign Resort muse over residential ennui in “Suburban Depression,” while “Skyline Decay” illustrates the loneliness and isolation of urban life. In the midst of their observations, the band detonates one mine after another. “Under Bright Neon Stars” reminds listeners of Pornography-era Cure, basslines conveying Peter Hook–isms and 808 histrionics. As Foreign Resort continue to find their own voice within the haze of their influences, they may, and can, emerge as mainstage festival residents for some time to come. –Stephan Wyatt