Tilly and the Wall @ Kilby Court

Posted July 18, 2008 in
July 2, 2008
Kilby Court
With Kid Theodore, and The Devil Whale

I usually arrive at shows 45 minutes after the doors open so that I don’t miss anything but the long wait outside. I showed up at 7:45 and found a nice thistle patch to sit in. The turn out for this show was more than impressive, the line stretched from the venue all the way to the “no parking” sign half way up the street. The doors finally opened I stood up, brushed myself off and prepared for a very promising show.

Tilly and The Wall

I stepped into the oven that is Kilby Court in the summer right as Kid Theodore began to play. I have to say, for a local indie band they really had their act together. They had tons of energy and the stand up bass they pulled out was very exciting.

This was a young crowd, young and stylish. I did a good amount of awkward staring and got it out of my system. So now it was time to make my way back in. I chugged some water, took a deep breath and prepared to feel other people sweat. When
The Devil Whale took stage I noticed that the lead singer looked like he belonged in Devendra Banhart’s supporting band. Since he looked so interesting, with his crazy button up with roses in no noticeable pattern, I expected a more eclectic sound. But what they produced sounded more like a band you would see opening for Dave Matthews. Listening to his stuff online made me change my mind though; it is more of a radio-ready Bon Iver.

I needed to excuse myself from this adult contemporary set list so I could go get my camera. This provided a nice break from the stuffy room. When I got back the room was packed, so I pushed my way as far forward as I could. The time had finally come Tilly and the Wall were setting up. As they took their sweet time preparing for their performance, they threw white balloons into the audience. This was a really cute idea, but because of how the venue is set up it proved to be quite a nuisance. I was standing right under the AC vent, which is almost never a problem, except tonight. The airflow was causing the balloons to pelt me in the face, and prevented them from leaving the area. So me and the high school students around me took it upon ourselves to destroy the balloons.

So after a few minutes of being somewhere between killjoy and hero, I walked around to the band entrance. I introduced myself to Jamie Pressnall, the tap dancer that helps separate Tilly and the Wall from their indie counter parts, and forced my way in to the room through the side door. Their set went over really well, even though a good portion of people left after “Pot, Kettle, Black”. However, I could barely see because of the lights and smoke machine, but I could still tell Tilly and the Wall put on a really good show. I bet the people on the other side of the stage enjoyed this show immensely.