Title Fight @ Kilby Court 06.13

Posted June 14, 2011 in

Title Fight
Kilby Court
w/Touché Amoré, The Menzingers, Dead End Path, The Lionelle

I've never been to a show at Kilby that had this insane of crowd—the amount of moshing and swinging from shit on the ceiling was so high that it was almost impossible to see Title Fight play. Regardless, Title Fight is super good live. They're excellent at executing the right amount of pop-punk and hardcore music with Saves The Day-esque vocals. This is also why I'm not surprised they were the headlining band. Fun to sing along with AND rockin' jams? Sign me up!  They're touring with some badass bands to promote their newest album, Shed, that just came out last month on SideOneDummy.

Starting out the night was The Lionelle, a local band that sounds like mewithoutYou and Manchester Orchestra if they had a little music baby. I'd heard them before and wasn't impressed, but their new sound is pretty raw and heavier than ever.

Dead End Path was so crowded that I couldn't even get through the doors, but they sounded like a bad Shai Hulud rip-off, so I wasn't upset. Plus, I could hear them from the army of white vans I was talking to some of the Touché Amoré guys by. While we were chatting about the tour, a member of Touché stops mid conversation, puts his hand out as if to say "Hang on, I'm about to sneeze," or something, and then continues with, "That fill," after the most awkward three seconds of music that came out of the whole night. I don't get the hype that Dead End brought, but there is worse music out there.

After Touché Amoré, I was most excited to see The Menzingers, a punk band with a sound similar to Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel's solo stuff at times, and Make Do And Mend at others. It's pop-punk at it's best, in the most sincere way I could mean that. The crowd was on its best behavior during their set, making it all the better. I'd say these were the best guys live at this show, although I'd love to see Touché Amoré and Title Fight in a different setting.

The crowd was at its worst during Touché Amoré. For half the set, literally all I could see were people's feet in my face and a wall of butts from the crowd of people on the stage with them. I (mostly) came to see Touché Amoré, and didn't get to see any part of their set because there were so many dumb kids trying to impress girls or suck their own dicks or whatever they were trying to accomplish by acting like a apes on meth.

This band kicks so much ass. It felt so intense to be in the room during "Cadence," as the crowd sang along louder than ever, "I AM MARCHING TO THE BEAT OF A DEAD HORSE!"  I can't imagine actually being able to see the band while they're performing! Hearing the singer's voice after each song would make me laugh every time, because he has this super brutal voice when he's singing, but shrinks down to this timid little mumbling boy in an instant. It sucked so bad that the crowd was mostly made up of little shitheads that think that moshing is cool 'cause it ruined the whole show. I can handle being in a pit pretty well for being a small girl, but this was ridiculous. Even the band seemed frustrated with the shit going on, though they still pumped out a kick ass set. 

Being fairly new to Title Fight's music, I wouldn't have guessed that they catered to the straight edge crowd, but that fact is apparent after seeing them live. They didn't preach or kick anyone's ass for smoking a cigarette or anything like that, but some of their fans were more than happy to let you know how they felt on the subject with their anti-substance shirts and big boy attitude. I was more concerned about getting kicked in the head than watching the set for a lot of it, but of what I was able to see, they were kicking that stage's ass. Unfortunately, so were straight edge kids and high school students, which was a mega let-down throughout the show.

For how long I've been hyped about this show, I'd say I feel a little cheated. Not because the bands sucked live, or the sound was shitty, but the crowd made the venue super lame to be in. This is Kilby Court, guys—not the best venue to do that kind of stuff in. I go to Kilby for intimate, although equally intense shows, not to get pushed around by sweaty guys with big gauges and camo shorts. When the crowd is distracting you from enjoying a band, it makes attending a $15 show almost not worth going to.