Top 5: Murs & 9th Wonder

Murs & 9th Wonder
SMC Recordings
Street: 04.13

Murs & 9th Wonder’s album Fornever was an exception to what I felt was a rather disappointing release year. The album was exactly what I wanted: consistent. Murs is always stable with his lyrical content, delivering quality product with every release. With Murs, I don’t have to hope it’s going to be good, ‘cause I know it will be. 9th Wonder’s soulful and freshly polished sounding beats compliment Murs’ style. This album was a solid addition to Murs’ library of albums. Another reason I fell hard for Fornever is because Murs has some real talent for catering lyrical content to ladies. Broads love a good indie rap artist who comes across more cute and emotional than pussy hungry and gangsta’. Songs like “Vikki Veil,” “Asian Girl” and “I Used To Luv Her (Again)” give the ladies a touch of nasty mashed up with sweet beats. The undertones of soul singers hidden smartly in the beats create a more laid back feel to the whole album, which flows perfectly with Murs’ technique and lyrical content. Songs about pancake houses, cigarette addiction and relationship troubles give a breath of fresh air to hip hop’s normal burned out content of bitches, money and cars. My favorite track has to be “Let Me Talk,” a track about fighting with a PMSing girlfriend. It’s hilarious when Suga Free drops in on the end of the track with lines like, “Just you and her in the car, you know she farted but she looking at you like you did it.” Cameos from Krupt, Sick Jacken and Verbs all complement the album as well. It’s a solid and fresh release that I can listen to all the way through without skipping a song. Nicely done Murs & 9th Wonder. —Bethany Fischer