Top 5: Nephi Beh LLC

Nephi Beh LLC
Care E Oakey Vol. 1
Care E Oakey Inc.
Street: 10.01

Karaoke is not only a great time, it’s an actual interactive song and dance party brought directly to your musical intake device by Nephi Beh LLC. Armed with nothing more than a couple of amps, a microphone, some ideas and a beat machine, Nephi Beh has taken karaoke to the next level over the last few years by allowing friends to make their own songs to be showcased on nights of Care E Oakey. Contributors have come up with songs ranging from drug use to horny werewolves, complete with slide projections to keep you on track during your performance. If you have ever experienced a Care E Oakey night, you know why this album is by far one of the best albums released this year. The subtlety of style in every song mixed with the down-to-earth lyrics contained in every track just beg for you to listen one more time. “Beach Bod” is by far the most produced track on Care E Oakey Vol. 1 with vocal pairings in a duet style chorus, layers upon layers of samples and lyrics that have been known to make the ladies swoon. One of the most memorable and amazing tracks contained within the album is “Over and Over and Over” which gives reason to the things we call relationships.  This track has been one of my favorites since it’s debut at Care E Oakey over a year ago, and it is beyond me why it hasn’t been released until earlier this year. Care E Oakey nights are always open to crowd involvement, with only a few set songs like the ones on the CD, you have the opportunity to create your own fantastic songs if you find a beat that suits your fancy. I predict that if Nephi Beh could get signed to a multi-national label, he would most definitely have the chance of making the album go gold if not platinum. Bravo good sir, bravo. —Adam Dorobiala