Top 5: Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells
Mom & Pop Records
Street: 06.01

Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller make up the raw, loud and addictive Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells, but you should already know that. Chances are you were at their face-punching, sold-out show in October. Have you heard the story of the initial meeting of this pair? It plays out like the Brady Bunch. A chick named Alexis, who was once an elementary teacher, met Derek, a former Poison the Well member, while he was her waiter in a Brooklyn restaurant. He was in search of a singer, they both knew that it was much more than a hunch, and that’s how they began making music with a punch. The Sleigh Bells buzz started in October 2009 following their CMJ performance when their demos were being passed around the music blog scene like a joint. My first listen was greeted with genre-bending, room-shaking tunes sounding like a 20-car pileup pouring through my speakers. I was sold on this musical assault on my senses and it didn’t take long before the heavily Funkadelic-sampled “Ring Ring” (rerecorded as “Rill Rill”) became the office hit. June 2010 saw the physical release of their debut Treats––35 minutes of knock-out-worthy goodies. Derek’s Poison the Well roots are evident on “Straight A’s” with head-crushing guitar at maximum volume. His masterfully arranged repetitive drums and catchy loops on “Kids” (previously “Beach Girls”) sounds like it could’ve been produced by Timbaland. Alexis shows her sugary bubblegum pop side on the booming bass tune “Run The Heart.” Treats has mainstream success and overexposure stamped all over it, but who gives a shit? Embrace the crazy distorted beats that will knock you off your rocker, and have some fun for once. –Courtney Blair