SLUG #254 Reviewed

While we have had a few years of SLUG delivered to us for review, there was well over a decade of material that we have never had a chance to check out. #254 is an issue that looks to rectify that, as it provides readers with a set of articles that the staff felt was integral for properly appreciating the early years of the magazine. In fact, pretty much the only thing new would have to be the advertisements, which (as always) are based around locally-owned businesses in the Salt Lake City area. The first vintage piece of note would have to be “The Unofficial Story of SLUG Magazine”, which goes into detail about the nascent moments of the zine, as described by former editor JR Ruppel.

“Hotelier to the Stars”, by Stimboy, is a piece that goes into humorous detail about the bands that crashed out at eir house before the article’s original release date (1994), in a list that includes The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Minor Threat, and Husker Du. 1998’s “Serial Killer of the Month” goes into detail about one sick person in Carl Panzram, a killer/rapist that cut down a hell of a lot of people. The review section has also been dolled up in the same manner, with the best (and most memorable) CDs of the last 21 years being covered.

Here’s to hoping SLUG continues to have years of success, and can add on another 21 to the 21 that they have managed to stay and actually thrive in the magazine business.

Rating: 9.5/10