February 2015 Product Reviews

1 Voice
Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth isn’t exactly space-age technology anymore, which is part of the reason why 1 Voice’s line of Bluetooth Beanies are so damned disappointing. Sure, you get a pretty neat knit beanie to keep your head warm while you listen to your tunes, but you may as well only use it for that purpose. After charging the little bastard for a few hours, I was treated to almost exactly 30 minutes of novelty before the sound started skipping and cutting out. The problem only got worse when I went outside and took a walk around the block. It became abundantly clear that the optimal circumstances for using this product are sitting inside, remaining relatively still and avoiding all other wireless devices like the Red Death. Even then, the headphones have literally zero bass. I’m not using “literally” figuratively, either—when you turn the bass up, the headphones get quieter. So, if you’re in the market for a beanie that presses a hard plastic disc into your cerebellum while requiring you to remain inside so that you can listen to your music through a flickering cardboard tube, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. –Henry Glasheen

Great Salt Lake Clothing
GSL Beard Butter w/ Bourbon Oil

Speaking as a guy with a big, bushy beard, I’ve had my share of bad beard days. Some of you guys know what I’m talking about—days where your handsome, hirsute face looks all askew because you’ve got a rampant case of hobo beard. Back when I had hair on my head, I refused to put any product in it whatsoever, but I leaped at the opportunity to test out GSL’s beard butter. When I first popped open the tin, I was overcome with the heavenly scent of French toast and Kentucky bourbon. That was all the invitation I needed, really. I started rubbing the stuff in, and almost immediately, I was able to shape my tangly mess of a beard into a decently ordered shape. Despite a bit of a greasy feeling for the next hour or so, my beard seemed to be appeased. As a bonus, that luscious, syrupy scent followed me around wherever I went. I’m sure that there are more powerful products to keep my messy chops in line, but GSL’s beard butter does the trick at a decent $15 price tag. Besides, who doesn’t want to smell like breakfast all day long? –Henry Glasheen

Strap & Wrap

As Utah is a state with often copious amounts of precipitation, it’s important to keep your gear dry and covered while you’re on the slopes or just out and about. The Miggo strap is designed to be a convenient and cozy way to zip up your camera and protect it from weather. You attach it to your camera and carry it around your neck as a strap, and then, when you’re done shooting, you roll the strap around it as a sort of soft case. When rolled up, it creates a compact bundle that would be easy to stash in your backpack. Aesthetically, it looks like you’ve draped a water noodle around yourself, but this product would do the trick in fast-paced, active scenarios. –Kia McGinnis