Beer Product Reviews – June 2008

Photo: Adam Dorobiala

Vacu Vin
Rapid Ice Beer Cooler
The problem with Salt Lake in the summertime is the ridiculous, unforgiving heat that we are forced to deal with. Unfortunately, the lukewarm beers from the liquor store just don't have what it takes to cool me to the core. But thanks to our ever-ingenious Scandinavian designer friends, that dilemma has been solved. The Rapid Ice Beer Cooler is like a frozen coozy that around your beer to chill it out after being kept in the uptight Utah State Liquor Store. The package says it can cool your beer in less than five minutes, and I will say that at four minutes and twentyseven seconds, they were right. The biggest downsides to this product are that it only cools one beer at a time and it wont fit my 40 oz. OE s. Other than that, The Rapid Ice Beer Cooler's minimal size and convenience make this a dandy addition to anyone's freezer. –Mike Reff

"Lifers" Beer Coozie
Whenever I drink beer, I have the problem of the beer cooling my hand and my hand warming my beer, but no longer do I have to suffer through this thanks to a sweet coozie from Spitfire wheels. The word "Lifers" in Old English adorns the outside of the tall can coozie (who drinks 12oz. beers anymore anyways?) and makes consumption that much friendlier and stylish during a backyard barbeque or while hiding your drinking habit from the people at the skatepark. It's a great find for anyone who loves to skate, loves to drink and loves to intertwine the two. –Adam Dorobiala

Official Beer Gloves
Beer Gloves and T-Shirts
In celebration of SLUG's beer issue, I had the privilege of reviewing a few products consisting of his and her drinking shirts and beer gloves. Now instead of doing an average review, I've decided to spice things up a bit. Seeing as one of my good buddies was leaving Utah for good, I thought it'd be wise if I designated him as a test subject. Now, since we had a girls' tee as well, I thought maybe he could get some farewell companionship through free product. Needless to say, my plan completely backfired as my friend went home alone and I didn't get the feedback I expected. Regardless, the men's tee withstood numerous champs and served as a good spit dartboard. As far as the gloves went, I had an extra pair and fumbled several beverages due to the lack of grip (think trying to handle a snake with your hands covered in KY). Overall, my experiment was a bust, but damn did we look cool (or at least thought we did). Actually, I'm full of shit and sat on my couch in an oversized t-shirt with some pink gloves on 'til my girlfriend came home, pulled my face off the cushions and told me how big of a loser I really was. —Shawn Mayer

Ring Bottle
Ring Thing
Ever find yourself in a pickle without a bottle opener? Well, Ring Thing has offered up its answer to that problem. No more trying to pry open a bottle of your favorite brew on the edge of a hotel bathroom counter (yes, I'm speaking from experience). The manufacturer states, "For best use, wear the Ring Thing Bottle Opener on a ring finger on whichever hand you prefer." Obviously, if you're married and you wear a wedding ring, it would be your right hand. I tried the ring thing on both index fingers, but the fit was loose. Regardless, with the bottle opener side facing down, you simply insert the bottle cap in the opener, pull down on the bottle, and off goes the cap. It's that simple. The key is to get the perfect fit, and then the opener will be the most effective. The ring is even fashionable. I compared the version I got to a platinum ring I have and the color is distinctly similar. The manufacturer also offers up different colors, styles and, most importantly, all ring sizes. The ring thing is a cinch to use and, in a pinch, it could make you the savior of your next party. –Bryer Wharton