What’s In The Box!? Geek Fuel – June 2015

Posted July 14, 2015 in
Geek Fuel: Super Win The Game
Get the thing, save the girl, Win The Game. Photo: Gavin Sheehan

Super Win The Game

This retro-throwback game is a fun side-scrolling adventure that you can get on Steam right now. It combines elements of Mario, Zelda II and Mega Man to form this awesome storyline where you collect items and explore new worlds in order to … well … that’s about the only thing I don’t get about that game. I’m not entirely sure what the hell I’m doing sometimes. But that was part of the NES-era fun for many titles—your game truly didn’t make sense until you played it for a while. I recommend checking it out.

Geek Fuel: Mighty Morphin Magnet
Go Go Power Magnet (doo doo-doo doo doo)! Photo: Gavin Sheehan


Mighty Morphin Magnet

This handy little magnet is one of five possible magnets you could snag in your box. Each color came with a possibility of getting a specific ranger, with Red and Pink being most likely, and black and yellow being the hardest to come by. No real idea why that odds system was in place. It’s great for holding random stuff on the fridge, but not much else to use it for after that.

Geek Fuel: The Truth Is Out There T-Shirt
Behold, the Vitruvian Alien! Photo: Gavin Sheehan

T-Shirt: The Truth Is Out There

Included in every box is an exclusive T-shirt. Paying homage to The X-Files and Leonardo DaVinci at the same time, this gray alien T-shirt is pretty awesome in its own right. The only issue I had with it was the material, which is super thin and stretchy. Great for people of a bigger build, but terrible for usage down the road—this is the kind of shirt that will eventually wear out fade easily. It’s very cool for the here-and-now, but won’t be so much in a year or two.


BONUS: Sorry, no bonus.

The one really disappointing factor to the box this time around was that there were no bonus gifts included. Having reviewed the one from May 2015, I feel like the box was adequate when you looked at the normal array of items, but the bonus items were what made it awesome. Knowing now what the difference is, I would definitely considering plunking down the extra scratch to get them.


The Geek Fuel box is still really cool on its own merits, definitely worth the money for someone who is a reader this month. However, knowing I didn’t receive any bonus items (and of course the wonderment of what I missed out on) somewhat soured the experience. Overall, this month was a good Geek Fuel box, but not a great Geek Fuel box.