Product Review – July 2008

Photo: Adam Dorobiala

Porvida Deck
It was the end of the month and I was in dire need of a new set up. Thankfully Real Skateboards had sent SLUG a crisp new 8.02x31.75 porvida deck ready to be shralped. I've had Real wood before and knew it was going to be stiff morning, noon and night. Its beautiful symmetrical shape and tantalizing concave wasn't the only good thing about this board though. Wrapped up with the board was a sticker pack, stencil and a compilation DVD, From the Vaults, showcasing all of the Real teams old footy. There's nothing better then some old footy to get my feet tingling before I go for a roll.

Grind For Life Wheels
Bones Skatepark Formula
Accompanying this fresh new board were a set of 60mm Bones Skatepark Formula (SPF) "Grind For Life" wheels. Before all you baby wheel mongrels go hating on a set of 60 mm wheels, let me tell you somethingbig wheels keep on turning, through everything. They are wicked fast and unstoppable; sidewalk cracks, street slurry, bricks, nothing slows the roll, not to mention all the extra pop you get out of bigger wheels. The SPF is a middle ground between the Bones Street Tech Formula (STF) and Ditch Tech Formula (DTF). Where the STF tends to slip and slide a bit too much and the DTF will grip and stick, the SPF holds strong through those hard fast surf turns and gives a good slide when pushed. Just remember to keep your heels in it cause I hesitated a bit one day bombing 200 South and ended up in an asphalt skin slide somersault to backwards scorpion. One last note on these wheels, a portion of the sales goes towards cancer research, so you'll go fast, ollie high and help save lives.

Gawky Throng Bearings
The last ingredient I needed for this magical skate concoction was a brand new set of bearings. I kept it local for this one going with Eric Hess's new bearing company Gawky Throng. Instead of your typical weak plastic crown that most bearings have, these baby dolls have two metal rings locking the balls into place offering extra strength and impact support. Much like the Bones Swiss bearing design, Gawky Throngs roll on 7 steel balls protected by dual removable shields, making them easy to clean. Like a ninja in the night, these bearings are so quick and quiet you won't even hear me coming and barely see me flying by. They just hit the SLC streets about a month ago so if you're rolling a pair that means you're on the VIP guest list. If not, no need to worry, Hess will be taking the company public shortly.