Product Reviews – Feburary 2008

Eesa Lux Layering

Blindside Polo Shirt

Eesa is a new company from the East Coast, and they make high quality garments designed to keep you warm, dry and looking fresh “from lift to lounge.” My first victim was Eesa’s Blindside polo shirt. Since it’s a legit-looking polo, I decided to put it through its paces on New Year’s Eve, little knowing what this garment was capable of. Soft and comfortable, the silky polyester fabric stayed warm and dried quickly as countless beers and shots were spilled on it, proving that it would do the same when in contact with snow or sweat. Moisture-wicking capabilities aside, this shirt really proved itself during a classic drunken New Year’s Eve brawl. Around 2 a.m., in true blackout fashion, my friend Wild Willy began to run around naked, so I politely asked him to put his clothes back on … (or did the drunken equivalent—flying over a coffee table and punching him in the face.) Soon, a pile of people were punching anything that moved, and it’s a miracle I didn’t end up testing how warm the shirt could keep me in a jail cell. When I woke up, everything was covered with blood and a button was missing, but a lil’ Oxyclean and some Home Ec knowledge fixed it. Based on the rigorous testing I put this shirt through, I think it’s safe to say that Eesa’s shirts can stand up to some major abuse. –Sean Sullivan

Zotes Sunflower Seeds

Misc. Flavors

When you go out riding and need something to snack on to give you a little more energy, Zotes are the best fuel you can find. With a huge selection of sunflower seed flavors, from "Energy" to your basic salt and pepper, Zotes have a flavor for every taste bud. My personal favorites include dill pickle and beer-battered, and they are not those cheap seeds that have no sustenance; they are the big seeds with tons of flavor. Also, I hear that sunflower seeds are a great way to curb your cravings for a cigarette, so instead of smoking on the lift ride up, pop a handful of Zotes into your grill and you're in flavor country without the smelly after-effect. So if you need a snack that is portable and more widely accepted than a cigarette, go pick up some Zotes sunflower seeds and get crackin'. adam dorobiala

Eesa Lux Layering


This is a long sleeve with a medium gauge, waffle-weave polyester fabric that makes it a versatile layering option depending on the temperature and the environment you wear it in. I threw this baby on immediately after I washed the blood off myself from the night before and then spent all of Jan 1st loungin, reading Hotel Honolulu by Paul Theroux, napping, snacking, and recovering from an epic night of partying and fighting. This shirt may very well be one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn, and I think that the high level of comfort actually decreased my hangover by 37 percent. Since it's so warm, this thing is smart for layering, but you need to be smart to layer with it. On the hill one day, I found myself overheating due to underestimating how well this thing keeps your core warm. I recommend you check this out, as well as Eesa's other products, but bide this warning: you will want a different one for every day of the week. Sean Sullivan

Celtek Gloves

Outbreak Lightweight Gloves

One of the newer companies out there, Celtek is blowing up in more way than one. Started by Bjorn and Erik Leines, Celtek are probably the coolest gloves to make it to the snowboard world thus far. The Outbreak Lightweight gloves are amazingly comfortable and keep your fingers so warm you might think you have toaster ovens on your hands instead of gloves. And on top of all that, the artwork on their gloves and apparel are probably the most imaginative and original of all, courtesy of local artist Dave Doman, which only adds up the steez points when sporting Celtek's gear. You can find them at pretty much any snow/skate shop, but if you are having trouble finding a pair, visit their website and look through the plethora of product they have posted. adam dorobiala