Product Reviews – February 2009

Dekline Shoe Co.
Lieutenant Moto Jacket
Damn, SLUG actually let me do a product review, which I love because that means free product for me, son. It could also be a Christmas present for somebody in these trying times. Looks like Dekline Shoe Co. sent us a nice little fall jacket. I dig the jacket because, first and foremost, it’s comfortable as hell and made out of 100% lightweight cotton. Second, you can shred in it without it getting in your way because it’s not bulky or oversized. It also comes in black so you can get that shit dirty and not give a fuck. Let’s put it this way, the jacket is not some all over-print-fashion train wreck that you have to worry about tearing it. If you do, it’s only going to add character to this item. Plus, your mom won’t shit her britches because all of Dekline’s goods are affordable. The only downfall to this jacket is that they put a patch on the jacket’s shoulder that I personally don’t like, but if you know me you know I always have something to bitch about. All in all, this jacket is the goods, so please go out and cop some Dekline gear because, after all, our hometown hero Adam Dyet rides for them, that is if he hasn’t been kicked off the team already. - Dave Amador

Able Planet
Clear Harmony Foldable Headphones
These headphones are probably some of the nicest, most affordable and professional-quality headphones I have seen on the market. They are completely traveler friendly, folding into a small size for carry-on packing ease, and they also come with a soft carrying case and a few extra headphone-jack sizes and assortments. They have a switch on the side that allows you to boost your noise-canceling experience to the point that you actually feel like you are listening to a movie soundtrack in real time. They are pretty stylish as well - a nice flat black that is flashy but not overly so. Even if you aren’t listening to music, you can walk around in complete silence from the world with noise cancellation and get lost in your thoughts. It’s pretty rad shit. - Adam Dorobiala

En Bleiler Jacket & Mane Pant
Oakley has become a synonym for great eyewear, and now it can check off outerwear. I was fortunate enough to get my sticky fingers on the En Bleiler Jacket and Mane Pants, Oakley’s signature series created by Gretchen Bleiler. First off, the style on the rack was sick. The jacket has enough flare to keep you looking fly on and off the hill. The outfit was fashionable and functional. The only thing I would have changed was the bagginess of the pants. However, I am one of those tight-pantswearing kids. But if you are one of the normalpants- wearing riders that keep it real, then these pants will fit you just fine. To lay it out for you, the seams are fully taped, the waterproofing and breathability is top-notch and the active venting will cool you down (since you will be looking so hot on the hill). The pants would not be my first choice to wear, but they go with the jacket like peanut butter goes with jelly. On those deep Utah pow days, you won’t have to worry about snow going up the jacket or down the pants because they zip together for secure warmth and dryness. If you are feeling like it’s time to update that hand-me-down kit you got from your older brother, get yourself kitted out with the Oakley En Bleiler Jacket and Mane Pants. - Helen Wade

Epicly Later’d Vol. 1 DVD
This collection of short films chronicles the lives of professional skateboarders in their daily routine and how they really act when they’re not in front of the camera. The director, Patrick O’Dell, follows around skateboarding’s best, such as Jason Dill, Mark Gonzales, Jerry Hsu and Dustin Dollin (to name a few) and gets them to chat intimately about their rise to fame and the reality of life as a pro. Dill’s episode is probably my favorite, complete with a brief history on his career as well as the rise of his most infamous skate parts. Jim Greco’s episode shows you how drugs messed with him until he finally went sober. I’m not usually one to pry into other people’s lives, but during the cold, wet winter months it’s something to watch to keep you from going completely stir crazy when you can’t skate the streets. Volume two is coming out later this year, just in time for the next winter season, and it’s sure to be just as awesome as Volume 1. - Adam Dorobiala

Punch the Camera Zine
It seems that everyone and their buddies are trying to start a company, and how many beanie companies do we really need? You know I can still call home and have my grandma knit me a bunch of beanies, but the difference is I’m not going to sell them. FunHat’s zine entitled “Punch the Camera” has by far one of the most wretched titles, ever. When I pick up a mag in this pamphlet-esque form, I think back to the DIY days: pages with photos taped and words written in ink, shrunken down to an almost unreadable size. This, however, has a much more lavish look. That look, combined with the title, stinks to heavens of rich kid tomfoolery. Cameras are expensive, why would you punch them? Besides that, I really didn’t mind the zine - it’s free. If you know these guys, then by all means check it out. Hey, you do what you got to do to keep your parents thinking you’re using their money wisely, right? - Shawn Mayer

Loafman Studios
Custom Glass Piece
Custom glass goods never go out of style. When Scotty McDonald of Loafman Studios sent over a 16” bong and a sneak-a-toke, I was pretty pumped. These perfectly blown glass pieces are of the highest quality. The bong was created for good use and easy cleaning maintenance. It has a built-in female piece of the slide with a shemale connecting piece that’s attached to a bowl sliding apparatus. Sneak-a-tokes are perfect for the chairlift and urban usage. Remember, these products are custom blown here in the Salt Lake Valley and can be purchased at Pipe Dreams Gifts, located on 2583 S. State St. You can contact the man himself a - Dave Amador