Product Reviews – March 2008

EG.. 2 Goggles

These goggles are probably one of the best pairs of spectacles I have ever had the privilege to wear. The super large frames allow you to see the whole picture and the straps and cushions make it feel like you are wearing no goggles at all. Although you can't feel them, they look like they might be a cheaper version of a fighter pilot mask, but it's ok because they actually make you ride mach 1000. Not only are they amazingly functional, but they are also extremely steezy, with a bunch of different colorways (all of the 09 collection for instance) that allow you to find the proper frames and lenses to match your style. You can find them at Milo and Salty Peaks for sure and if they don't have the ones you want there, you can go online and check the collection available to the public, although word on the street is that the EG. 2's are sold out. Leave it to Electric to make goggles that actually work as good as they look.

Lowdown HC Shoes

Gravis is mostly considered a line of chill footwear for time spent not shredding slopes, but, unbelievably, they double as amazing skate shoes. The Lowdown HC are high tops with a vulcanized sole and style for miles. I noticed that they rub on your ankle in a weird way when you first get them out of the box, but the more you skate/walk in them, the more they become a super solid outer foot for any adventure you might stumble upon. Gravis has a really good selection of different shoes for men and women and a vast selection of high-class color-ways for all of their footwear. You can find their gear at any legit Snowboard shop, and you can see the whole collection of products, ranging from backpacks to apparel, online at the Gravis website. So if you just want to look buttery in the lodge next to the fire or utilize the features of a quality made shoe on your pushing stick, these are the next pair of kicks you need to look into.

09' Aaron Jacket; Sunburst Plaid

This jacket is fucking amazing. It comes with a water/windproof shell and has a battery-operated heater inside. That's right. I said it's heated; just charge the battery and you can keep yourself warm no matter what the weather. It has two heating sections (front and back) and then you can go high, medium or low with the handy remote located in the pocket. The only problem is the fact that the battery doesn't last quite as long as they claim. I found that the heater in the jacket is best used on the drive down the canyon as a therapeutic heat massage for your back or a quick "warm me up" on the lift ride up. Talk about high class, Foursquare definitely knows how to make their clothing look and feel gang related. This colorway is super bright and snazzy without going overboard on the steez charts, although if you want the sunburst plaid you are gonna have to wait at least until March if not all the way to next season. Look for this jacket and all its colorways to be on everyone at the resort this time next year and if you can't wait until then, you can always check out their current products at any local shop, but I recommend waiting for the new shit to drop; you won't be disappointed with your decision.