Product Reviews – March 2010

S4 Optics Transfer Goggle. Photo: Dorobiala

Transfer Goggle
I must say that I am quite the stickler about what I wear on my eyes while shredding in the mountains. Goggles can make or break your day. There is nothing worse than a blower powder day ruined by fogged or frozen goggles. I have used different brands of goggles, but I must say these things stand up right next to the big dogs. I was fortunate enough to test them out all over the place in different conditions, from sunny bluebird days in the Wasatch to blower greybird pow days in the interior of British Columbia. As you can imagine, this pair of goggles performed really well. The pair of goggles that I received came with the Smoke Lens, which was excellent in both flat light and those sunny days at the ‘Bird. There were no watering eyes, no fogging and no distortion, allowing me to do what it was I came to the mountain for. The spherical lens design provides good peripheral version with no distortion at all. That being said, this pair of goggles gets the two-ski-poles-up rating for extra-awesome eye protection. –Mike Reff

32 Outerwear
Cappa Jacket, Shilo Pant and Lashed Boots
When I’m layering up to go shred, I want to keep warm, not flare out with my unzipped jacket, flannel and five little chest hairs poking out of my v-neck to accent my gypsy-bling chain and skinny jeans belling out over my boots. The dudes over at 32 understand this, and they have created some functional outerwear masterpieces, no fashion statement needed. I’ll lead you from top to bottom starting with the Cappa Jacket. It’s a technical-but-subtle design with just a few color accents. A 100gm inner liner keeps you toasty while the double pit zips get the air circulating on those steaming spring days. Waist and wrist gaiters keep the pow out, and the waterproof pocket zips keep my utensils dry—Jah know I be shreddin’ da trees, bra! Inside features also include an MP3 player pocket and goggle pocket. Moving down to the Shilo Pant, this is their baggiest design. I’m not talking G-Thug 3000 here, just enough room to really tweak your switch method without a crotch blowout.  There is a full crotch zip vent for an extra breath of fresh air. An EP-8000 waterproofing rating and the EP-5000 breathability rating ensure dryness inside and out. Now to the toes. There is nothing worse than new boots, unless you’re rocking a pair of Lashed Boots. This boot looks as good as it feels. STI Evolution Foam makes the boot extra lightweight—it feels about as heavy as my skate shoe. Independent eyestays allow you to get a snug fit with traditional laces. The articulating cuff eliminates shell distortion and increases heel hold. As with all 32 boots, the inner liner can be heat molded to custom fit your foot. So there you go kids: the full rundown on some hecka-tight gear brought to you by 32. –Swainston

Control CPU Headphones
Just when you think all headphones are created equal, for the most part, someone comes out of the woodworks and drops a pair of the best things you’ve ever seen/heard. Eskuche has done just that and kept it extremely old school, too. The Control CPU headphones are lightweight, loud and extremely functionable. They have two extender cords that customize the length of the cord to be exactly how long you need it to be and also offer a hands-free mic for use on all those fancy phones that do the internet on them too, so no one can tell if you are just singing the words to a really odd song or talking on the telecommunication device. They remind me of an old pair of studio headphones, but with the technological advancements of today. The Control CPU is without a doubt the top contender for any music lover when the quality of the sound comes first. Escúchalo por ti mismo. –Adam Dorobiala

Contour HD
I have broken so many cameras trying to strap them to places they shouldn’t go: under skateboards, on legs, wrists, hats, etc. Now thanks to the awesome folks over at VholdR, I can strap my digital camera anywhere I please with no repercussions. The ContourHD wearable camera is about the size of a pack of smokes and shoots 720p HD video in 30 frames per second or, if you want that gravy-train slo-mo to turn out, 60 fps. Its lens is seriously wide and can be modified by clicking the front casing to either side so no matter how you mount it, you can make sure that the video clip will be facing the right way.  They even have models that do full 1080p video, are water-resistant (not waterproof mind you) and yield even more spectacular unseen views of your adventures on anything that you want a different angle on.  Fuckin’ rad. –Adam Dorobiala

Ergophobia Clothing
Sachmo Hoodie and Double Standard Jeans
Despite the fact that I do pretty much everything in life for free, there are times when I am rewarded. One of those times was this winter, when I received a box of fresh gear from my friends over at Ergophobia. Yeah, I know you haven’t heard of them—or maybe you have and they just haven’t become a household name yet—but that’s about to change. Hailing from the “Jersey Shore,” this anti-Guido gear is sure to be the next Volcom without the public stock options. Now in its second year, Ergophobia, which means fear of work (yup, we can all agree on that), has expanded its line into full production including jeans, tees, hoodies, shorts and hats. Its team also got a revamping when they signed the talented Kris Markovich to bolster their already impressive lineup (they have some beasts of old and new). Although not readily available everywhere yet, this company is spreading faster than Snookie’s legs. So if you don’t want to be that lame kid looking like an Abercrombie and Fitch model or a thrift store hero, head over to and check out some of that “next, new, now” shit! In a day and age when being fresh and different is hard to come by, these guys are turning the tables, because nobody really wants to be that smelly kid at the skate park. –Shawn Mayer

S4 Optics Transfer Goggle. Photo: Dorobiala VhoidR Contour HD. Photo: Dorobiala Ergophobia Hoodie and Denim. Photo: Mayrose