Product Reviews – May 2010

Analog Arto Saari Signature Denim. Photo: Dorobiala

Habitat Footwear
Lark Suede
Hey there everyone, check this out! Habitat, a well-known skateboard company, has decided to take the venture a step further by coming out with skateboard shoes. Now I know what a lot of people out there are thinking: good board companies should stick to what they are good at–boards. We’ve all seen various board companies come out with some new add-on that only has a blip of life before nobody hears of it except in hilarious old memories. Don’t get me wrong, I have those memories too, but I really think Habitat has the right idea this time. I’ve been riding a pair of Larks, which are suede, olive in color and have a simple design for the most part. With almost no need to take time to break them in, they are perfect for tearing through the city, shredding the bowls at our local parks or bombing down the U right after purchase. So if it’s time for a fresh pair of kicks for the summer, you’re going to want to swing by a local shop (Decade, Milosport in Orem, Salty Peaks, Blindside in Layton, B.C. Surf & Sport, Republik and Board of Provo) to check out the new line-up of Habitat shoes. You won’t be disappointed. –Jason Gianchetta 

Arto Saari Signature Denim
First off, let me start by saying that if you haven’t already worn a pair of Analog jeans, you are a fool. I have been through several pairs of Analog jeans, each fitting better than the last, as if they couple with your body as a second skin. The design on these denim wonders is quite functional and still maintains that bit of fashion edge that one might expect from a jean they are about to drop sixty-plus bones into. The denim stretches the slightest amount to prevent any blowouts and keep you moving fluidly while pushing around town or lounging at the bar. Analog is available at pretty much every shop in SLC, and if they don’t have what you are looking for, the world wide web has always got your back. –Adam Dorobiala

I have always been an Independent kind of a guy, but Theeve just may have stolen my patronage. Maybe it’s because I always seem to side with the little guy, but with a classy look and a good shine, they have everything you could hope for in a skateboard truck. Theeve’s trucks come with high quality bushings that make catching that gnarly street wave even better. When it comes to grindability, these trucks don’t come up short and they never quit. All in all, these trucks have everything you need to start your summer of shredding off right. I have a feeling that this won’t be the end of Theeve’s strong beginning. If you don’t want to be the only kid at the skatepark who hasn’t heard of Theeve’s trucks, I suggest you go down to your local skate shop and pick up a pair. –Kenny J.

Analog Arto Saari Signature Denim. Photo: Dorobiala Theeve Trucks TIax. Photo: Dorobiala