Product Reviews – December 2010

Force Slip On
My feet are basically 2x4s, which makes it a chore to find comfortable kicks that don’t need an expensive set of insoles or stretching.  Needless to say, when these Vision Slip ons arrived, I was skeptical.They slipped on nicely without any initial discomfort—something that rarely occurs for me. With their timeless and classic black and red, lumberjack checkered design (also available in black and gunmetal) made out of stretchy wool, they instantly conformed to my dogs like a glove. To test these soles out, I headed to Sin City and wandered the boulevard. They kept my feet in place the whole drive down and back. It’s nice to see that when trends come back, it’s not only the ugly ironic ones. Within two weeks I put damn near 900 miles on the Visions, all in comfort and style.  Not only are these suitable for day-to-day wear, skating and nights out pimping, they double perfectly as slippers. That’s right, no need for socks—now that’s true versatility. The Force Slip-Ons retail for about $45, and if they are anything like all the other kicks Vision pumps out, you can count on them to hold up for a long time no matter what you put them through. Order yours today at and while you’re at it, snag a few of their killer tees. ­­­ ­­–Eric Granato

Elmore Oil
Muscle Relief Oil
I go hard. That’s all there is to it. From rise to shine, I put in the time. From smashing bikes to staying up in the streets, I get worn out. Lucky for me, Elmore Oil guaranteed me relief for my muscle soreness. After a long, hard day, getting a little Elmore Oil on yourself isn’t half bad—getting someone to get a little Elmore Oil on you is even better. As for my soreness, that’s to be questioned. It may have been the Elmore Oil, or it could have been just natural muscle recovery. Elmore Oil does the trick, if the trick for you is getting someone to give ya a massage with oil––either way you win. Forewarning though, this is not something you want to venture out in public with directly after applying—it packs a funky punch. –Jemie Sprankle

Sleep Tracker
Sleeptracker Elite
For the most part, the technology contained inside this watch is quite amazing, but on the other hand, it seems a bit ludicrous. The Sleeptracker Elite is a normal watch with a built-in monitoring system that tracks and uses your sleep cycle patterns to wake you at the proper time in between cycles. You simply set your alarm and set a ‘window’ around the time that you would like to be woken up from the particular time you officially set your alarm for, and the watch determines your cycles and wakes you when you will be less likely to be starting a new cycle to ensure a non-groggy morning. Pretty awesome, but if you are already an early riser, or wake before your alarm on a daily basis, it seems like a waste to use such technology to figure out what you already know. I do see how it could be effective in any country/state on the tip of the world to keep your sleeping patterns right even if the sun doesn’t ever set.  I will say, though, that I had a wonderful time using it during the day and watching how it monitored what it thought was sleep. Turns out, life is actually just a dream. –Adam Dorobiala

Siege Audio
The Division
 These headphones are dope. Seriously. I don’t think I have ever owned a pair that is so perfect for how much I abuse my electronics. Typically, my headphones end up tossed in a bag, laying in a pile on my coffee table or thrown in the back of my car during wintertime for easy access when I hit the slopes. When designing these bad boys, Siege clearly had disorganized folks like myself in mind. The cord is covered in cloth and totally impossible to tangle. I no longer waste my time attempting to tediously untie tiny knots from my headphone cord––instead I can just slip these on for immediate, flawless sound. Although this particular model wasn’t designed for use with a cell phone (lacking a microphone), I’ve had no trouble when I’ve used them with my phone. Whether they’re being used with my phone or my iPod, Siege’s headphones deliver crisp and clear sound quality at a fraction of the price of their competitors. Nicely done, Siege. –Jeanette D. Moses