Product Reviews


Enigma Reissue
Airwalk has been reissuing classics for the last year or so, and to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the company, they have finally reissued the Enigma skate shoe back into the line-up.  The Enigma was originally released in the ‘90s, but this style of shoe is seen everywhere in skateboarding today. Mid-top comfort and suede durability, along with the original colorway when released over a decade and a half ago makes this a great nostalgic skate shoe. Before all the bells and whistles, all-over prints and gimmicks, companies designed great shoes and the Enigma is the prime example of a clean and simple skateboard shoe. If you aren’t used to mid-tops, they can feel a little stiff and constrictive at first, but after time they loosen right up. If you aren’t into the whole patience thing, just cut the tops down and rock them true old school. These babies are limited edition, so I recommend getting yourself a pair before the well runs dry. –Raleigh St. Clair

Ultimate Ears 100
I’m horrible with headphones. I lose them constantly, wrap them so tight that the wires break and have even been known to let my toddler chew on ‘em. As a result, I’m always on the look out for a new set, especially one that won’t break the bank. I was really pleased with these noise-isolating earbuds. The main selling point for me was how comfortable they are—much easier to wear than the standard iPod earbuds that came with every device I own. They fit well in my ears and come with a few different sizes of soft ear cushions for maximum customization. They also manage to block a lot of the outside noise. As far as sound goes, they were comparable to other in-ear headphones I’ve had in the past. They’re a little weak on the bass end, but I don’t listen to very much house music, so I didn’t really notice it. Otherwise, the sound quality is great. They also seem to be rather sturdy. The speaker wires are durable and manage to bend without feeling like they’re going to snap. At less than twenty bucks retail, I’m not going to lose any sleep worrying about leaving them on the bus. All in all, this is a worthy little product. –James Bennett

Thirty Two
Vedder Buttonup Fleece
This shirt has been my best friend for the past few weeks. Whoever designed it deserves a solid pat on the back because it is one of the most versatile tops I’ve had the pleasure of wearing. Not only is it super soft and comfortable, it’s warm and durable enough for shredding, skating, camping, fishing and just about anything else you could hope to do in the early spring. For you fashion-savvy outdoorsmen, the shirt is long and thin, making people like myself look a little less short and fat than we really are. In a world of Gore-Tex and GoPros, it’s nice to see a company manufacturing quality in simplicity. –Chris Proctor 

Rusty/ SO R.AD
Sunday Shirt
Now that it is finally starting to warm up, it’s only obvious that I would want to wear my Sunday finest short-sleeve button-up to embrace the heat. The Sunday shirt from SO R.AD (Rusty Audio Design) is exactly the type of clothing that welcomes the warmth with a printed button-up on a regular sleeve tee that makes you feel like you are living in ‘Margaritaville’ when sporting it. SO R.AD is a new line from Rusty, spearheaded by Joey Brezinski, with sweatshirts that have washable, built-in headphones and cleanly designed tees, too. I imagine you will start to see SO R.AD products everywhere within the next year or so, seeing that it has become a necessity to listen to your iPod while skating around. With the new feature of being able to just plug into your garment instead of worrying about cords and shit, why not plug in and plug out. –Dudley Heinsbergen

Peach Treats
Treats for Gauged Lobes
Peach Treats is the brainchild of sculptural artist Tiffany Blue, who crafts one-of-a-kind polymer clay jewelry for stretched ear lobes. She can do custom work in all styles and sizes but her best designs are intended for lobes stretched 4g to 00 and above. For those fakers and fronters, she does offer a few designs that when worn—make it appear that the lobes are stretched.  However, Blue’s designs are really catered towards customers with the real deal.  Almost all of the Peach Treats’ designs are uniquely her own although, she does some good knock-offs too. The polymer clay is a perfect medium for her complex and chucky design style, many of which would be too heavy if they were made by any other substance. The polymer clay enables Peach Treats’ jewelry to have a pliability factor, allowing one to gently bend parts of the piece as it is placed in a gauged ear. This pliability is what lets Blue get so creative with her styles. Included with every pair of earrings is a small vile of grape seed oil. This serves two purposes: 1) to polish the clay and keep it looking fresh, 2) to provide lubrication for easy jewelry insertion. With a price tag around $20, peach treats should be at the top of your shopping list. –Gracie Law

Reclaimed Wreckage
Bicycle Tube Hobo Bag with Accent Flower
I first spotted one of Reclaimed Wreckage’s rubber bags on a friend. Instantly I knew I had to have one. This local brand specializes in handbag fabrication from upcycled bike tires. I first saw this technique in the mid-90s by San Franciso haberdashers so naturally I was stoked to find a local artist right here in Salt Lake City, designing contemporary rubber purses from popped bike tubes. The bag I chose was the same style I’d seen my friend wearing—the Hobo Bag with Accent Flower ($64.99). The rubber flower accent is very charming. This purse is well crafted, complete with a lining and durable zipper. I see a long future with this bag and myself. Reclaimed Wreckage crafts other rubber items too: jewelry, shoe spats, clothing, pouches, etc. peep her etsy store or visit her booth at Slowtrain’s Record Store Day, Saturday April 16.  Reclaimed Wreckage artist, Lisa Brown will be selling her wares there in-person. Oh one more thing: Brown has a big heart. 10% of every order is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. –Gracie Law

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