Product Reviews – May 2008

Nice Skate Shoes

At first I didn't really like these shoes at all, but the more I skated in them, the better they became. The first day I had them on they felt as if I had two by fours on my feet rather than shoes because of how super stiff and very uncomfortable they were. Every ollie induced heel bruises and pain in my feet, so I decided to fill them up with water and run them over in my car to loosen up the stiffness. After they sat for a day or two, filled with water like a cup to the brim, I realized the N-Tice were like skateboard magnets. Flip tricks just seemed to flick with ease, and landing no longer hurt my feet. The shoes seemed to hold up pretty well as time went on too. The vulcanized sole guarded the top of the shoe from all damage due to wear and tear. Overall, these shoes were pretty good after they were broken in, but the first few days made me wonder if I could keep putting them on my feet for the whole day. Adam Dorobiala


This deck is a beast. The size and shape definitely make it feel like it is strictly made for old school pool shralpers, but luckily it still can function as a street board, too. The shape is definitely a weird one, with a blunted nose and tail. It seems like it is just too big to maneuver quickly and precisely, but luckily there is some concavity to help with that. It has massive amounts of concave, so flip tricks seem to just want to flow out of your feet like a hose spraying water to the moon. Graphic wise, it's a pretty cool idea but I personally feel it would be a lot better if the graphic was a little less cluttered but I guess it doesn't matter what the graphic looks like because it scrapes off eventually anyway. This deck is a solidly built skateboard but I couldn't see myself getting used to this shape enough to want to keep skating it when there are other shapes and sizes to suit street skating. That's the beauty of freedom (to each his own). If you like boards that are "bomber" style then Corporate Imposter is your best bet on all your skateboarding needs. Adam Dorobiala

Sleek Audio

The thing with in-ear headphones is that they never have bass response that is as good as the over the ear kind. The reason is simple; most of the perceived bass frequencies do not originate from the ear canal but from a bone called the mastoid process that is connected to the audio processing center and doesn't come in contact with what is commonly known as the ear. Because of this, in-ear headphones have little to no bass response and are primarily judged for their mid to high range capabilities. There has recently been an onslaught of in-ear headphone companies that are trying to find a solution to this problem, and it is possible that Sleek Audio is the first to rise to the occasion by offering interchangeable bass and treble pieces that allow the listener to fine tune the device. These things sound amazing, and could easily be put in the same category as Shure SCL4s and possibly even Shure SCL5s. As an added bonus, the earpieces disconnect from the audio wires hinting at in-ear wireless capabilities. Sleek Audio offers very advanced technology at a very reasonable price. Andrew Glassett