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Po Campo Six Corners Wristlet

SkullyBoom BB1
Vinyl toys seem to be all the rage these days. While they look super cool, they don’t have a whole lot going on in the function department—unless you consider collecting dust a function. Then along came Boombotix. Form, meet function. Function, this is your new friend, form. These cute little fuckers look rad and put out an amazing amount of sound. Plug your iPod, iPhone or any other MP3 player into the BB1 and you have an instant dance party. These little guys seriously bump. We took one up to the lake and it was loud enough to hear even when we were a hundred feet out in the water. I bet they are even loud enough to drown out the squeaking of your bed while you’re gettin’ down, for which your roommates will love you. They are weather-proof so they are perfect for any activity—showering, skate sessions, lake chilling, Brighton parking lot grill-fests, etc. The SkullyBoom also features a belt clip in case you’re one of those douches that feels the whole world needs to hear the soundtrack to your life. Each SkullyBoom comes with a retractable cord to connect to your music device of choice and a USB cord to charge it. The battery will last you about four or five hours on a one hour charge. They also come in a plethora of colors to match your steeze. Boombotix is also dropping a Bluetooth version so you can bump wirelessly. I highly recommend picking one of these up before the summer is over so you too can enjoy your tunes lakeside. –Katie Panzer

Po Campo
Six Corners Wristlet
I am constantly on the lookout for stylish, feminine and PRACTICAL bicycle accessories. You’d be surprised how rare and magical that combo seems to be—like a triple rainbow. That’s why, when I came across the Chicago-based company Po Campo, I nearly peed my pants. Right on their homepage it states “Functional Freedom—Po Campo designs personal accessories with both beauty and brains for independent, urban women.” It was like standing in front of the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, opening the door and having a hand pop out and give me the wristlet. Made out of vegan-friendly, waterproof, laminated cotton with an inside pocket and clip-on straps, the wristlet is this Beautiful Godzilla’s wet dream—but still keeping all of my things dry, of course. It’s the perfect size for my wallet, tampons, keys and switchblade—everything a girl would need on a night out on the town—and clips right onto your handlebars or top tube. It also comes with a longer, adjustable clip-on strap to throw over your shoulder when you’re not riding about. The wristlet comes in a variety of classy prints and colors to match all of your outfits, but if it’s not your style, check out the many bicycle-friendly totes and handbags Po Campo has to offer. I have my eye on the Waxed Canvas Spare Pocket next. Check them out at the Wild Rose bike shop. –Esther Meroño

Stance (The Uncommon Thread)
Stance is a company that makes socks. They make casual socks, performance socks, artistic socks, reserve socks and kids socks. Some of you may not know how important a good pair of socks is to a skater, so let me tell you. When your feet are all swampy and sweaty from being on your daily grind, most socks fall down, toes blow out or the heels explode due to too much impact. These are, in fact, “the uncommon thread” because these have all of the latest sock tech that one may aspire to have. Elastic around the arch gives you long-lasting comfort, even on those relentless days of sunshine. Part of the performance line has sticky lil’ pads on the bottom of the socks to hold them in place while you’re in your gnarly boots. These socks have double reinforced toes and heels, and they come in so many different designs that it’s easy to find one to settle on. Don’t worry, Moms, the company wants some of the styles to be mismatching. This may make laundry a lil’ bit more difficult for you, but you’re just gonna have to get used to it. Also, I know that the “no sho” sock is what you’re used to wearing, but now is the time to switch up your sock game. Go slip a pair on and feel the difference. Shout out to Lizard King for reppin’ the brand to the fullest. Keep up the good work! –Hessian

Wrist Picks
I think I’ve managed to lose an entire package of guitar picks in one afternoon. I play in every room of the house and I manage to put the pick in the most random spots imaginable. Fish tank? Laundry basket? Fridge?  They are like black holes for guitar picks. In some weird form of divine intervention, I was given the opportunity to review Wrist Picks. A Wrist Pick is a guitar pick that is attached to a strap with a clasp; you put the strap around your wrist like a bracelet so you don’t fling your pick across the room while you are wailing on your axe or stick it in your sock drawer when you have to pee. Wrist Picks come in an impressive selection of clasps, straps and picks. The straps are durable and if you make sure to wear the right size, they don’t get in the way of your playing. The clasps come in different designs and they are all great for holding your pick, but a couple of styles are a little tricky to replace the pick on. The picks are available in all sizes and thicknesses.  Stainless steel picks are also available and can be engraved or custom designed as a necklace or a set of earrings for your number one groupie.  When the only pick you can find is either strapped around the neck of your guitar or attached to your wrist, you don’t really need to play with any others. –Ben Trentelman 

Sugar Steak
Ass-Backwards Tee
Sugar Steak is the eye poppinist joint on the block this fall. These tees are quality, fishscale-type raw. They’re American made and printed on sustainable American Apparel Tees. You’re welcome. I would recommend the Ass-Backwards Tee as a good starting point—all the hunnies will want to blow your bubble. Then jump into the food-design-joint tees and make all the loser stoners jealous with your dripping foodie style.  You can stay looking extra crispy with some limited edition tees and stickers, and with the fly-ass iPhone 4 sticker, you’re on point. People love the limited stuff—it’s the new black. If you hit up their website and use the promo code “SLUG,” they’ll hook it up and get ya 15-percent off. Go out there and get fly. –Jemie Sprankle.

Po Campo Six Corners Wristlet Sugar Steak Ass Backwards Tee BoomBotix SkullyBoom BB1 Stance Uncommon Thread Socks