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Herschel Supply Co. The Zippo backpack

Herschel Supply Co.
The Zippo backpack
The Zippo backpack by Herschel Supply Co. has a very simple retro style and takes it back to the basics. It has all the pockets you need: one for your laptop, your iPod, phone and one mega pouch for all the other things you need to slug around with you. I put it to the test when I ventured out west and was able to fit five shirts, two pairs of jeans, a few undies, socks, two pairs of shoes, a laptop, my iPad and all the cables that went along with them, and it fit perfectly under the airplane seat in front of me and was the only bag I had to bring. There is only one problem I have with this backpack: it lacks a chest strap. It does, however, come with a waist strap that zips off when you’re not hiking the wild woodlands, which is rather nice, but when you’re packing mass amounts of shit around with you, a chest strap would be nice to help reduce the strain on your back.  Still, I was very impressed with the backpack. Even though it’s a little pricey ($94.99), it seems built to last and still has a nice look to it—even if there is candy cane striped fabric on the inside lining. –Jeremy Riley

Peyton Beanie
Although black beanies are a dime a dozen, it’s amazing how many companies seem to do them wrong. They’re too baggy, too scratchy, too tight, look like the reservoir tip of a condom or, even worse, like your 90-year-old blind Aunt Sally knitted it for you. All I can say is thank god for Nobis. This beanie suffers none of the pitfalls found in so many of the discarded beanies currently shoved in my closet. The Peyton has a simplistic and classic design and the merino wool is soft and cozy, but breathable enough that you can rock this hat in the spring or fall. This beanie has already made itself a staple of my fall wardrobe and I’m sure I’ll be trying to rock it until the early days of next summer. –Jeanette D. Moses

Volley OC
As a certified subscriber to Sneaker Freaker Magazine, I like to think I take my shoe game fairly seriously. Learning about Volley, Australia’s premier sneaker company first established in 1939 (!) provides just another notch in my sneaker belt and having a pair sent my way was an absolute treat. Shoes? For me? I get to write about ‘em? Get outta here! The OC model is a good solid beach/skate style shoe with lots of little flares that I dig. The crinkle cut tongue, the red rubber sole and the metallic lace tips bleed “steez” while comfort and a fly colorway render these things white-hot in a pair o’ khakis or some camo cut-offs and sockless or knee-high woolies (however you roll). I’m not crazy about the additional rubber toe-cap, but ultimately I can overlook it as it does lend a little extra oomph in the stability department. Casual, but fully capable of pulling an outfit together (slate grey will do that), it’s a solid sneak with little to complain about and reasonably priced. Finally making their U.S. debut, you can cop a pair at Urban Outfitters or from the site. Just make sure to peep an Aussie-U.S. size conversion chart before you do. –Dylan Chadwick

Doodle Speaker
I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to technology. That’s why Zazzle’s Doodle speaker is perfect for me. It’s just a simple, rectangular block of plastic with an on/off switch, a wire with a 3.5mm headphone jack at the end of it and an optional USB plug-in (USB cable included) in case you want to power it through a laptop instead of two triple-A batteries. The Doodle’s big selling point is its customizable faceplate, which means that you can choose from a variety of pre-designed prints and images on their website, or make your own. This is a good option if you’re the kind of person who has one of those credit cards with a picture of your baby on it, because you could do the same with the Doodle, except it’s not as weird because the Doodle will most likely just sit on your nightstand and not get passed around to strangers. I chose a pre-designed, vintage radio faceplate, ‘cause babies creep me out and I don’t have one. Sound-wise, the Doodle is satisfactory. It’ll add a decent amount of sound to your laptop movie-viewing experience and it’s perfect for those times when you have no other entertainment option but Pandora on your “smart” phone. The Doodle actually saved me from killing myself on a road trip after the car’s stereo failed. The only critique I have is the price. At around $40, it’s a bit pricey for what it is, but I guess that’s what you pay to get your baby’s red, wrinkled face printed on a speaker. –Esther Meroño

Dick Towel
Dick Towel
If you’re a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you already know about the Dick Towel. This towel wasn’t just part of an episode, it’s something you can actually own. Before getting it, I was expecting it to be a cheap, thin, rough towel with poorly printed graphics that scratch your skin, but it was the exact opposite. The Dick Towel has to be one of the softest towels I have ever felt, and you can’t feel the graphic, even if you try.  Also, to my knowledge, it’s the only towel you can find with cartoon cocks and butts on it. With its funny/crude appeal aside, this towel would be better used for trips to the lake or pool parties (not your community pool) as it offers next to no absorbency. That’s my only complaint with the Dick Towel: it should be thicker. Summer may be over, but Christmas is just around the corner. Think “white elephant.” The $22 is so worth it, especially when you hand it to a female “houseguest.” Nothing is funnier than a cartoon phallus on a chick’s chest. –Eric Granato

Herschel Supply Co. The Zippo backpack Dick Towel