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Oakley Optics Fast Jacket Sunglass

Oakley Optics
Fast Jacket Sunglass
The tireless innovators at Oakley Optics have outdone themselves with their latest release.  The Fast Jacket is a new spin on the ever-popular Flak Jacket, and it incorporates a new technology to make lens-swapping super simple.  As an active outdoorsman, I like to change venues quickly and I need a sunglass that keeps up. With Oakley’s Switchlock technology, changing from a dark lens to a low light option is easy.  On a recent mountain bike outing in the hills of Park City, the trail went from wide-open sagebrush to thick aspen groves full of fall foliage. The sun no longer lit the path and my vision was greatly reduced. However, with the Fast Jacket, I was able to flip the switch and transition between my extra set of lenses.  The Persimmon lens gives the wearer a low light alternative while still offering the same great optical protection of the Black Iridium.  While my friends were forced to either ditch their shades or deal with decreased visability, I pedaled into the forest with greater confidence. This pair of sleek sunglasses also utilizes Oakley’s patented Unobtainium rubber on both the nose and earpieces, ensuring that the glasses stay glued to my face, even over the roughest terrain. –Sean Zimmerman-Wall

Memphis and Donez Tops
In a fashion industry that’s quickly churning out new, non-traditional tops that defy what once was acceptable for a guy to wear, it’s refreshing to know that there are those out there who still know the old way. Brixton’s long sleeve wovens are both traditional and simple, and while it’s cliché to say that an article of clothing is defined by the preferred lifestyle of those who designed it, I guess I can get on board with the idea since I’m a simple guy and the simplicity of Brixton’s designs is what draws me in. The Memphis is a cotton and polyester plaid long sleeve with two chest pockets and small Brixton logo on the left chest pocket. The Donez is a mono-toned cotton flannel button-up with two chest pockets and a small Brixton logo above the left pocket. These shirts may not make any fashion statements, but they fit well and look good and if you’re anything like me, that’s all you need. Hey Mom, Christmas is coming soon. –Chris Proctor

You know when you’re on a road trip, you stop at truck stops to take a piss and end up looking through the bargain bin full of stupid, cheap shit? That’s where you would find this phone holder that looks more like a dog toy. It can be used for video chatting, watching movies and hands-free calling, and it’s available in eight different colors. Personally, I don’t video chat or watch movies on my phone, and I don’t know anyone who does to the point that they need a holder. If you are super stoked on watching Netflix on your phone for 20 minutes till it dies, the PODSTA could be of use, but I have a TV for that.  However, this chunk of foam holds my iPod perfectly. Put your iPod in, drop it in your car’s cup holder and you’re set—but I wouldn’t fork over $13 for it. The packaging says it’s a Smartholder for your Smartphone, but it’s really just a dumb person’s impulse buy.  –Eric Granato

Foley Frames
It’s funny how perceptions change, and that at one time, large, thick rimmed frames were considered nerdy, or for that matter, “nerdy” was considered a bad thing. I wonder if that change in my perception came with age or whether it’s just the age we live in. I was once resistant to wearing glasses because of the stigma attached, thinking I would be mocked. Now, maybe because of four-eyed heroes like Buddy Holly or the Descendents’ Milo Aukerman (or maybe now that I’ve been prescribed corrective wear of my own), what was once a swagger death sentence is now, more than ever, an accessory to cool. Due to my large cranium, I have a broader brow than most, making it impossible to find frames that fit. The good folks at Fatheadz—no, not the people who make giant stickers for your wall—have finally solved my conundrum and produced frames that fit even my bulbous noggin, and allow me to not feel like a freak. In fact, when I put on my thick, plastic-framed Fatheadz with the stylish pinstripe down the side and vintage looking backwards “F” that is the Fatheadz logo I feel pretty cool… almost Buddy Holly cool.  –James Orme

Universal Remote Control with
Bottle Opener
Clicker has a great idea: taking the concept of “remote controller” to a whole new level. You see, you take the “old-skool” model of the universal remote, throw in a crucial piece of metal, and then BAM! You have a universal remote controller with a bottle opener on it. Programming the remote is easy—you just follow the instructions and enter in the appropriate code for whichever model of television that you have, and you’re ready to sit on your rear and watch The Steve Wilkos Show. Here’s the thing, though: Once you program it, there’s really not that much to experience with the product other than turning the TV on and off and turning the volume up and down. The remote has a dark blue yet bright hue to it, which lends it a somewhat tawdry appearance; this product image (in conjunction with the bottle-opener aspect), moreover, is conducive to being bought by college students who only use their Xbox 360 as their DVD player, as is the case with my little brother and our roommate. The remote isn’t compatible with gaming consoles either … So yeah, it’s basically another remote in that regard, and, to be honest, the bottle opener is kind of second-tier. It’s the type of bottle opener that is on the side of a can opener, which is awkward. But meh, I’m still excited to take it to Burt’s. –Alexander Ortega

Oakley Optics Fast Jacket Sunglass Brixton Memphis Top