Product Reviews – March 2012

Burton Poacher Jacket

Poacher Jacket
Get in touch with the minimalist in yourself with Burton’s Poacher Jacket off of their 2012 outerwear line. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but it does accomplish everything a snowboarder would need a jacket to do.  Burton’s weapon against the elements this year is their DRYRIDE waterproofing technology, which balances the breathability of a shell with the waterproofing of a heavy-duty snow jacket. The jacket’s fit is pretty standard—large enough for layering on a cold day, but not super baggy for those days when all that’s required underneath is a T-shirt. Aside from the weather tech, the jacket comes equipped with the necessities for every snow coat: taped seams, mesh vent armpit zips, micro-fleece lined pockets and a pass pocket. The Poacher is truly everything you need and nothing you don’t check out more burton reviews on –Chris Proctor
Utah is home to a multitude of excellent state and national parks that welcome millions of visitors every year. However, with so many epic options, it is often hard to choose which one to go to and when. Enter  The website is aimed at getting the word out about every park, here in Utah and across the nation.  Through a super-scientific algorithm created by the site’s developers, an overall score is generated and a synopsis of each park is provided. The site also incorporates the greatest gift the world has ever been given: SOCIAL MEDIA. That means you and all your friends can FaceTweet all your adventures and get more people to visit the places you love. Where to go, what to do, and individual park ratings and comments all come together in one place to make decision making easier.  It even offers “insider tips” for great info on all the secret stashes and best times to visit.  Keep this page bookmarked and plan your next trip today. –Sean Zimmerman-Wall

VanDam GO Watch
The RumbaTime VanDam GO watch seeks to distinguish itself by having a space for a small card that can hold your credit card information and personal information in case of an emergency, but there are also other advantages to using the watch while exercising. It’s light and made of one loop of rubber, so it’s comfortable while working out to the point where you forget it’s there. The material also doesn’t stink when it gets sweaty: a big plus. It’s meant to be unisex, but it struck me as designed a bit more for females. In addition to telling time, it has a light and a stopwatch, but not much else by way of features. As for the key draw of the watch, the rationale for the credit card space is to not have to carry a wallet while on a run or a bike ride. It would be handy (the card doesn’t come with the watch, and I didn’t have time to order one in by the time this review was due) to have this feature, and my first thought was that it would have been convenient on my bike trip down the Pacific Coast Highway last summer, but when considering that not all credit card machines have the contactless readers yet, I still would have wanted my wallet handy. Also, there is an added security risk. All in all, I’m not sold on the optional payment card, but for $35, the VanDam GO is a sleek, comfortable watch with just the features you would want for working out. –Nate Housley

Slingshot Pop
Fun and unexpected fabric and details are what set these duds apart from all the same ol’, same ol’ you’ll find on the rack elsewhere. Chunks of bold solids are pieced together to create hoodies and dresses that sort of throwback to “The United Colors of Beneton,” circa the ’80s and ’90s. Others are made using unusual prints and florals, with a decidedly vintage feeling of their own. Details like thickly braided drawstrings set the items in the collection apart even more. Altogether, the vibe is that of an old-fashioned candy store, full of those delightful, swirly lollipops. Designed long and oversized by SLC local Sara Tramp, these longer hoodie “dresses” are certainly a staple of the current offering. Layered over leggings or skinny jeans during colder seasons, or worn alone during spring and summer, they can keep you stylish and comfy for most of the year. Guys can just throw theirs into the mix with the rest of their “hoodie and jeans” uniform and get a bit more personality out of their daily wear. Other fun pieces like pocketed scarf-hoods (It’s a scarf! It’s a hood! It’s got pockets!) help define this brand as one sure to be a favorite of burners and other alternative crowds. Spice up your basics with a piece or two, and delight in the sugary goodness that is Slingshot Pop! –Ischa B.

I am a flashlight guy, plain and simple—I’ve owned hundreds and use one almost daily. The Lightstar80 is not your basic penlight. It’s sturdy like the barrel of a gun. This penlight has as rubber-coated Bitegrip that is essential. More often than not, you need both hands while working on something. So pop this military grade light in your yapper and find that dropped wrench. Just wipe it down with some alcohol often, because you’re going to be handling it with your filthy hands. There is also a tensioned pocket clip that you can flip around to slide onto the brim of your hat. A High Color Rendering Index LED illuminates the darkness. Now, this CRI LED isn’t one of those dull blue LEDs—CRI makes your work area look as if the sun is lighting it. I am sold on this new CRI LED technology. It only takes two AAA batteries (rechargeable batteries work as well) to power this penlight. It is available in Titanium Grey or High Visibility Orange, both made out of aircraft-grade aluminum that will stand up to abuse. Being roughly the same size as a paint marker, you won’t even notice it in your pocket. If you work in the sound industry, auto industry or just need a solid penlight, order one off their site. TerraLUX has converted me from the church of Maglite. –Eric Granato