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Posted June 10, 2008 in

Interactive Health
iJoy Board

I had no idea that there were so many inventions that cover every aspect of life and its activities and sometimes you stumble upon a rare invention that is not completely useless, but the iJoy Board is just another random invention for your rich doctor neighbor. Basically its a motorized “bongo board” for anyone with an extra 500 dollars to waste on technology. It has three speeds and a program mode, where you stand on the platform and use the infrared remote to change speeds and functions the balancing board can do. For people whom already enjoy “extreme” sports, it doesn’t feel like it really does much muscle work compared to how much actually going out and doing the sport helps with your balance and builds muscles, but for your average shut-in who wants to learn to be “extreme” without having to leave the comforts of the nest; its perfect. Although to be fair, I can see the benefits for people doing physical therapy on the iJoy Board, since recovery is a bitch and anything that keeps you moving and loose is highly appreciated. In the instruction manual it mentions that it is unsafe to “hang ten” and do other things that don’t keep you centered directly over the board, which made me laugh. Check it out online or hope your chiropractor has one lying around so you don’t have to use this months car payment on something you will use as a party game for your drunk friends. – Adam Dorobiala

Interactive Health
Human Touch massage chair

I was recently in a minor accident on my scooter and amazingly enough, the only physical evidence I had from said accident were several unrelenting knots in my back. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity of reviewing this Godsend of a product. The Human Touch massage chair is equipped with 3 massage options: Full Back Refresh, Mid Back Relief or Low Back Release, as well as a heat function that works quite well. Each massage option is a little slice of paradise. Upon first use, I was so hell-bent on working the knots out of my back that I pushed into the chair as the massage tools went up and down that the next morning I awoke to a sore back. I learned that the chair is able to do its best work if you let it simply do its job and just sit back, relax and enjoy. –Jeremy C. Wilkins