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Blue Copper Coffee Roasters (Courtest of Blue Copper Coffee)

Blue Copper Coffee Roasters
Whole Bean and Cold-Brewed Single-Origin Coffees

Salt Lake locals Patrick Andrews and Justin Bush roast Blue Copper’s coffees in small batches in a converted barbecue drum roaster in Andrews’ garage. The whole bean Organic Ecuador Zamora looks like it was roasted to full city or full city plus, which is the middle of the road, roast-wise. Brewed in a Clever Dripper, it has a brown sugar and orange blossom fragrance, plum skin acidity and a heavy honey backbone, finishing very dry with lemon cream. As a French press, it reveals a chocolate and jasmine fragrance, an amplified creamy mouthfeel and a dark molasses finish. The Ecuador Zamora’s strong, sugary sweetness makes a great morning cup, but its lack of balance beyond the sweet flavors leaves me wanting more depth. The unlabeled 750 ml flip-top bottle of cold-brewed coffee I received turned out to be the Colombia Pedregal Agua Blanca, which was misspelled on Blue Copper’s website and whole bean bags as “Columbia,” like the university. The iced coffee was brewed bucket-style for 48 hours. The thin, orange-copper liquor opens with light pear and jackfruit sweetness, and finishes with a roasted marshmallow aftertaste, without much in between. At first, the coffee seemed too light for my liking, both visually and on the palate, but after a few cups, I appreciated the lightness and drinkability on a 106-degree day. Overall, I’m impressed—this isn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, but it’s far better than anything you would find in a grocery store, or all but a handful of Salt Lake coffee shops. –Cody Kirkland

Handmade Black Leather Clutch

Danielle DeLucia founded her own leatherworks company after she closely inspected the seams of a designer bag and realized that she possessed the skills to recreate something not only similar, but better. CrowSLC products have a stylized stitching pattern that has become an identifying characteristic in the brand’s purses, totes, sunglass cases and iPad protectors. This pattern is made when the leather seams are intentionally sewn outside of the product, creating a raised area similar to the letter V. The result is a clean, simple, line-based look. I chose a plain-black clutch purse from the CrowSLC collection. The V pattern remains hidden—until the purse is opened. The design of this clutch may look simple, however, it is not to be confused with a design that is easy to make. I believe the tough part of creating this underarm purse was conceptualizing the pattern. It’s handcrafted in just two pieces of leather, a creative design choice that requires premeditation and skill from the maker. I debuted this clutch at a wedding and received numerous compliments on both the style and size. It’s 12 inches wide and 5 inches tall, allowing me to cram in all of my essentials—an iPhone, mom-sized wallet, lipstick, chewing gum and my key ring that looks like it should be a janitor’s. Thank you, CrowSLC, for making affordable, high-quality and handmade leatherworks that are not made in Italy, but in our own backyard. –Harriet Amelia Folsom

I really love a good statement piece. Little trinkets are fun, but there is just no accessory I love like a big, fabulous necklace—the kind that is so fabulous, you practically have to build your outfit around it. Luckily, I was wearing plain black when I got my hands on this treat, so I put it on immediately, let the necklace do all the work and spent the rest of the day loving the extra attention. The vibrant, turquoise color and geometric patterns of the focal piece make eyes happy, and the presentation on the simple and neutral bronze chain is perfect. I happened to have rimmed my own eyes with a turquoise eyeliner that day as well, and I got several compliments on the sweet match. Love it—I want more! So, I popped over to crafter Shley Kinser’s Etsy shop online, and not only are there a whole slew of statement necklaces in great colors and shapes, there is a really fun “Ghetto Blasta” pendant on a chain that I need in my life. They are new favorites for sure! –Ischa B.