Product Reviews

Photos by Alexander Ortega

Marana Shoes and Hat

Summer is almost over and it is time for new kicks. Etnies just released a new pair of shoes in their Ryan Sheckler Collection with a matching hat. With the changing of seasons, it’s time to be looking fresh from head to toe, and with these new additions, etnies makes that as simple as pie. Whether you plan on tearing up the streets or just strutting the avenue with your new shoes, they will hold up to anything you toss their way. Designed to withstand the rigors of skateboarding, the Maranas are built with the most durable materials available. With four color-combination options, there is no doubt that you will find what suits you best in both the shoes and hats. I have kept these on my “out on the town” shelf just because they look so good paired with the hat. Having skateboarded for more than half my of my life, I can sense if a pair of shoes will hold up for more than the standard two weeks, and boy, will these shoes stay in one piece for much longer than you are used to. As far as the dome piece goes, it’s constructed out of a heavy fabric blend and the etnies “E” is thickly embroidered up front. The hat has an adjustable snap back, making sure you are comfortable no matter if you wear it tight with the brim flipped or loose and flat. You can score the hat and shoes right from the source for around a hundred bucks combined. –Granato

Waterdance Guide Pack

While at Outdoor Retailer, I met a gentleman who owned a fishing bag company by the name of Fishpond. I didn’t know it at the time, but Fishpond makes the most gangster fishing bags around. The bag I received was a Fishpond Waterdance Guide lumbar pack—or fanny pack, for the less intelligent. This bag has a spot for everything. There is a big foldout fly case on the front that works like a mini table. There are plenty of eyelets to attach floatant, clippers or whatever other little trinkets you have. Also, my favorite feature is the double cup holder. Flyfishing is a multi-hand sport—you don’t have time to be relaxing, drinking a beer: You’re fishing! But when you have a moment or start to feel parched, it’s nice to have the double cup holder. This product has absolutely helped me stay organized on the river, and I would recommend it to anyone. –Billy Ditzig

La Siesta
Colibri Travel Hammock

We set out on our journey with travel hammock, daypacks and man shit ready to go. As we made our way to the SLUG Magazine offsite wilderness testing facilities, I was made ecstatic by the lightness and size of the hammock, which could also latch onto the outside of my pack. Arriving at basecamp, we proceeded to tomahawk lumber and construct the parameters of camp. The hammock, being designed so well for efficiency, made the process faster. Thanks to the provided sizing hooks on the anchor ropes, I was able to easily adjust the rope lengths to the appropriate dimensions of the two trees I’d picked. Fast-forward a bit —we burned and pillaged until we were too turnt, then turned in. My deputy slept on the ground, which created a good contrast to my sleeping arrangement and, I must say, my experience ruled. I’ve never been able to sleep in when I go camping, but when you’re sleeping on air, anything is possible. The Colibri was strong enough to hold my sleeping bag and myself without the worry of falling out or the contraption breaking. The next morning, it wrapped up just as easily as it had been set up. This is a solid buy. –Tim Kronenberg

Sonic Pro Wader

When you’re fishing in Utah, one thing is for sure¬—the rivers are wet and cold. But thanks to Redington’s Sonic Pro waders, I am staying warm and dry. These waders are the best and include a bunch of features including a waterproof front-zippered pocket and a hand warmer pocket with some super cozy microfleece. There is also a fold-out flap that holds other various tools, but the thing that makes these waders different from the rest is that they are patented seamless, with no sewing involved. There is a special taped seam, so that water doesn’t start leaking through the stitch holes after a year or two. These 5 layer waders are perfect for any situation because you have the ability to layer with the lighter, more breathable fabrics. The neoprene booties fit well on my feet, like a new pair of socks. These right here have the potential to be some lifetime waders, and I would like to thank Redington for building such a quality product. If you are getting into fly fishing, a nice pair of breathable waders will push you into your next stage of addiction.  –Billy Ditzig