Product Reviews – October 2008

Forest Skateboards
Super Awesome Package
Fabrizio Santos recently started his own company, Forest Skateboards, and let me tell you, this guy knows how to make a vision come to life. All the art on the decks and shirts is simply amazing, not to mention the quality of the actual products themselves. They hooked it up fat, with a bunch of goodies ranging from fast-as-wind bearings all the way to a street cruiser board that can keep on keeping on over most road/ alleyway debris. The shirts are super comfortable and stylish, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t already have seen or heard about this company. The boards offer a proper shape for any skateboarding mastermind while the graphics themselves only add to the energy that these 7-ply wonder machines exude. Go check the website out and hope that local shops will be carrying their products soon. – Adam Dorobiala

Lake Of Salt Shoes
LOS Canvas Lace-ups
Patrick Munger has steeped into some plush new canvas slip-ons with his company Lake Of Salt. Munger takes that quintessential canvas slip-on that everyone desires and hand dyes every pair into a stylish array of custom colors. Not every size is available in every color, making each shoe a somewhat limited edition. In dire need of a good ninja shoe, Patrick helped me come up on a pair from Model Citizen. I immediately started putting them to the test. Comfort was a go right from the start. Thin, breathable canvas loosely covers your foot allowing air to circulate through the shoe to help keep your foot dry and stankonia free. No more than 10 minutes went by with these shoes on my feet before a glamorous brunette walked by and said, “Nice shoes.” Clearly these shoes have major style points. It was time for a little durability test by trudging through mountain streams and dirt trails with man’s best friend. Soaked and covered in dirt, all it took to bring these shoes back to life was a rinse and a sundry. A couple of hours later and the shoes were back in action and better than before. The water helped them stretch out to fit perfectly around my foot. The little bits of dirt that didn’t wash out gave them that slightly weathered, I’ve been around the block look. Comfortable, chic, long-lasting, limited edition and local Lake of Salt shoes are where it’s at for canvas slips. Check out what colors Patrick Munger is dying up for this fall at – Chris Swainston

Design By Diamond
V Photo shirt
This 100 ombed cotton tee is light and comfortable. The V-neck cut will give you extra style points with the ladies, especially if you’ve got a macho man patch of chest hair to flaunt. At first, the fit was a bit wide-set for my liking, but after a machine wash in cold/warm water and low tumble dry it shrank down to a better fit. The print design is a chic collection of old-school cameras tumbling down the front of the shirt. Rather than an itchy, obnoxious cloth tag, Design By Diamond has taken that extra step to print the washing label on the inside of the shirt. A printed washing label isn’t the only extra step that has been taken, as every shirt you see has been designed, printed, drawn or photographed by the hands of Nicholas D’Amico (the main brain behind Design By Diamond) himself. Check out what other graphics Design by Diamond has been drawing up at – Chris Swainston

Etsy/ Thefullspectrum
Dark Chocolate Pelican Tee
Everyone likes dark chocolate, so it was an obvious choice to make a tee in that color with a gigantic pelican in full flying mode on it. I really like the position of the graphic on this tee, which is not so blatantly obvious but also not too obscure. The graphics are hand printed via hand stretched screen and pure force, no screenprinting machines at all. Not only does Thefullspectrum make men’s clothes, but Sonya Evans also has women’s dresses and tees that are just as snazzy with a whole line of baby clothes to boot. I highly recommend checking out the website and helping support local artists that are helping art for the sake of art in Utah. – Adam Dorobiala

Sevenfold Skateboards
Ever-Upward deck
Sevenfold is a fairly fresh company that started in 2001. Based in the southeast, they use that oh-so-nice crisp Canadian maple for their boards, none of that brittle Chinese birch bullshit. Sitting under my feet gripped and ready to rip is the New York Ever Upward board, part of a new series designed by Alex Picard. Weighing in at 7 3/4in x 31 3/8in. and the graphic art is so cool I almost wanted to hang it on my wall rather than skate it. That is no life for a board to live, so I put it to the test. The test is simple: you push around for a second, wiggle your toes and feel the concave, then snap a kickflip. Everything you need to know about a board can be found in a kickflip. This deck passed with flying colors, giving me that nice loud crack off the concrete and slapping right to my feet. Nothing more was needed: the wood is good. Check www. to see what more goodies they have to offer. – Chris Swainston