Product Reviews

City Bag
We all have our load to bear, and the Tüb City Bag is helping me lug my load while remaining environmentally aware and haphazardly organized. Made from used bike inner tubes that have been cleaned and crafted into a stylish bag that is perfect for cycling or just toting around the town, the Tüb City Bag has an inner padded pocket that can fit a 13-inch laptop or Etch A Sketch, a decorative inner lining that is sure to drive anyone at the bus stop gaga, and enough pockets for your cords, pens, or loose hard candy. The durable rubber design is naturally water resistant as well, so you won’t have to worry when you are pedaling in a rainstorm. The boxy design of the bag is simple and comfortable to wear while walking or cycling and is not as cumbersome as a large messenger bag. Made from recycled materials, each bag is unique with a range of different color highlights and small details such as the fact that some of the inner tubes in my bag have patches as a reminder of the life they once lived out on the open road. I am eager to help these tired old tubes continue their journey. –Ben Trentelman