Product Reviews – November 2008

Fall Line-up Limited Edition DVD Set
If you know anything about skating, snowboarding or dirt biking, then you know about FuelTV, the only channel of its kind that focuses solely on action sports (Man, I hate that term). If you’re a young white kid living in the suburbs (according to viewer’s demographic information received), you’ve seen every show on Fuel over a dozen times. Fortunately for you, Fuel has announced a new fall lineup, and I had the chance to take a sneak peek at the newest series and latest shows.
New for fall of ‘08 is “The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo.” This show should be pretty well-received, as it takes a look behind the scenes of one of snowboarding’s biggest personalities and athletes. I, for one, know what kind of shenanigans these guys go through on a daily basis, ‘cause I live the same lifestyle, minus the fame, money, travel, Playboy bunnies and Lil Jons. If this show were uncensored, it would be 10 times better, though. Also kind of new is the show, “Built to Shred.” The show started off as a segment on American Misfits, and now gets its own half-hour block. Jeff King brings us back to a time when skating was about innovation and creativity. I never had a dozen skateparks within 10 miles of me growing up, so I had to find whatever crap I could find to skate. In this show, King and his cast turn one man’s trash into any skater’s treasure. Plus, we all know that the sketchiest shit makes for the best sessions.
“The Great Ride Open” returns for its second season. This show follows around pro dirt bike riders and has them talk a whole lot over footage of some pretty sick riding. If you like to hear a bunch of dudes talk about what they are doing as you’re watching it, then tune in. For me it was a little much, but those dudes are gnarly as hell and deserve a better show (Sorry, Fuel). Finally, I previewed another “The Captain & Casey Show,” which is now in its sixth season (Why?!). Hosted by the scientist from Jaws (Google “Matt Hooper Jaws”) and his equally boring co-host, Casey, this show continues to put me to sleep. The only thing that saves this show is the constant onslaught of girls (some need not be shown) and the few moments of skating. You want a good show, how about an episode where you send the hosts down a 12 percent grade hill right into a cement wall? At least that would be entertaining (Nothing personal, fellas, your show just sucks. I don’t really wish harm upon your bodies, just your bodies of work). —Shawn Mayer

DVLP Clothing
Support Yeah! Tee and Lungfish Thermal
Out of our neighboring state Colorado comes DVLP clothing with a few items from their fall line. The clothes are made of that nice, soft organic cotton that’s “SO HOT RIGHT NOW” as Mugatu would say. It seems like the shirts are actually made by American Apparel, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone else in the United States is making cut and sew tees en masse. The shirts fit well, are soft and the screen printed design is unique. I enjoyed the design of the thermal as well. It’s like a Henley, but with a hood. Maybe I’m behind the times, but I’ve never seen a hooded Henley before. The lungfish graphic is different and I like it. The only downside I can see to these clothes is they run a little small, so if you plan on buying any of DVLP’s clothes, I would buy them a size bigger than normal. —Sam Milianta

Misc. Fun Hats
These hats remind me of the hats I used to get at Gen X clothing back in the day. They’re kind of cheap, generic hats you would buy to embroider your company’s logo on. I don’t say that as if it’s a bad thing, either. I remember buying a bunch of hats just like these back in the day as a way to get away from the flexfit bullshit that every skateshop was carrying at the time. This ain’t New Era, this is real hood! Instead of buying that overpriced Famous Stars and Stripes fitted stuff at Zumiez, you should rock it like it’s 1983 and get a Fun Hat. —Sam Milianta

Bamboo SK8
Bamboo Blank 8.0 Wide
Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. Some species can grow up to four feet in 24 hours, not to mention that bamboo has higher tensile strength than many steel alloys and a higher compressive strength than many concrete mixtures. Needless to say, when Bamboo SK8 shipped a board out to SLUG I couldn’t wait to get my feet on it. Their boards are made from a 10mm 3ply 100 percent-bamboo construction with a medium concave mold that reminds me mostly of Tum Yeto boards. I cruised over to Liberty Park to give the board its debut run. At first push, I could really feel the extra stiffness coming out of the bamboo board. At first pop, my ears were greeted with an extra loud crack from the concrete and a little extra boost. The first session was fabulous. The board responded just like a standard maple board. Next was giving the board the test of time. After three weeks of skating, I had less razor tail than a normal maple board, no chips and the board was still holding its pop and stiffness. The guys at Bamboo SK8 are really paving the way in board construction by creating eco friendly skate decks that last longer and skate harder than maple. Keep the green movement alive. Check out the Bamboo SK8 Web page to learn more about the boards and where to get your hands on one. —Chris Swainston

In4mation Clothing
Mota Windbreaker
This hooded windbreaker from In4mation is the perfect late night excursion kit to keep you warm while you push toward the next spot, and its classy enough that you could even swing by Mulligan’s for a Guinness or two while the ladies swarm around after they catch scent of your skate pheromones. Its super thin, yet extremely durable, easily fitting inside your backpack without taking up too much space, so when you leave in the morning to skate, you are protected from rain, wind and anything else the wonderful ocean breeze can conjure up. One thing I did notice was that you will probably want to order a size or two larger than you would normally wear, because the cut on the windbreaker is a little short in the arms and torso, but that’s minor, bruddah. Other than that you can put this windbreaker on and straight out of the store, parcel box and/or reps hands you are ready to cruise. —Adam Dorobiala

Nike 6.0
First things first: Big ups to Nike for hookin’ the new shortset. These shoes are dope. Right out of the box, they squeaked, which is sick because everywhere I went for the first three hours you could hear me coming and going. These shoes have a super-good shape and they fit my fucked-up feet like a pair of biker shorts. The tongues are sick, but for some reason the right one looked better than the left one. I took these shoes on a weeklong adventure of sittin’ on barstools, couches, bus benches and the fountain at liberty park and they never stopped gleamin’. The way they grip a barstool is phenomenal, and whoever put the nonslip in the nonslip sole gets an A plus fo sho. I was pumped to get the colorway I got because a classy black and white set of kicks is a must in your shoe game because in pinch, they go with any kit and the black and white colorway is forever timeless. So if you have the chance to get a pair of “Shoeburus,” be grateful because your chance at getting some strange just got that much better. —BIGGIE

Scratch Deck
I just don’t break decks fast enough to review them properly, so I gave my Odeus deck to my friend, Stuart Callis. I asked Stu how the deck was so I could write about it, and he said it was great. More snap than a denim jacket factory and nice concave like a box of stepped on doughnuts. The other reason I gave my Odeus deck to my friend Stu is because someone stole Stu’s skateboard from the club I work at. I think Stu believes in Karma, so he was like, “Well, I hope whoever stole my skateboard has fun on it.” I, however, do not believe in Karma whatsoever. I think it’s a stupid concept. People who believe in Karma have clearly never met a schizophrenic. So I gave Stu the Odeus deck because I felt partially responsible. That and Stu rips. He can break a deck a whole lot faster than I can, and he skates way better than I do. Oh, and as I mentioned in my other article last month, he got me super stoned the other day. Thanks, Stu! But regardless of all of this, you should totally go buy an Odeus deck wherever you can and not let it get stolen. —Mike Brown

Powell Classics
Vallely Reissue
Classic skate decks have been going for a premium on the www for a while now, so it’s no surprise that reissues are also on the rise. Skateone has been offering some iconic Powell Peralta decks for a few years now and added the Powell Classic line with a mix of reissues and new takes on old graphics. The Contemporary line is a little weak, but the Mike Vallely Elephant reissue is right on and was one of their best graphics before their decline in the early ‘90s. Just like “back in the day,” it’s the original spoon nose shape. The first thing you’ll notice under your front foot is, “Holy shit, this is flat and wide.” Crazy to think that these are the shapes a lot of flip tricks were born on. It’s super fun for cruising around town and has a slight double cut to it, just asking for a couple beans over curbs and a street plant or two. —Baade