Product Reviews – December 2008

Trust Bjorn Pro Series Glove
From the visionary minds of local shredder legends Bjorn and Erik Leines come the products of Celtek. If you ride at the Bird then you are aware that this brotherly duo shreds and they shred hard. With that known, one can only assume they are aware of what they want in their gear. The medieval wizard like styling of the Trust Bjorn glove gives you the feeling they can handle anything mother nature can dish out. At a 20,000 waterproof rating they for sure can handle just about all conditions. The leather is soft and nicely articulated which allow for excellent high fives at the bottom of your runs. After riding the opening week at the Bird with these gloves I experienced everything from blower cold pow days to warm sunny mashed potato slashing and I never once wished I was wearing something else. The nicely detailed stitching is holding up great and the manufacturing of these gloves seems to be top notch. I must say big ups to the guys at Celtek for pleasuring my hands. –Mike Reff

Double Agent
You might be able to guess that the Double Agent headphones have multiple playing features, but how could you know that these are extremely comfortable and lightweight? If James Bond could’ve rocked these while he was skiing down the gnarly summit of Piz Gloria in the classic film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), he probably would not have fallen and lost his ski making the rest of the trek down to Murren ever so treacherous. With a structural resemblance to the Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones, the Double Agent meets standards of professional DJ headphones and satisfies the needs of action sports enthusiasts. Adding songs to these wireless ear-Uggs is as easy as clicking and dragging songs from iTunes to the USB drive. The only possible flaw seems to be the lack of any display showing what song you’re listening to in your playlist. But, if you know your music like the smell of your own flatulence like I do, this shouldn’t be a problem. The Double Agent headphones have proven themselves as a solid source for portable sound with a built-in MP3 player. Mission accomplished. –SUPeRB

Toy Machine
TM Parka
When winter comes knockin’ at your door and you find yourself wanting a jacket that can brave the elements while still being fashionable, your best bet would be this jacket right here. The TM Parka is the ultimate in hobo happiness, with a quilted inner lining and enough pockets to carry everything from Listerine bottles to needles for random drug use, you will be able to stay warm no matter what the adventure. The hood is retractable (courtesy of the zipper straight down the middle of it) which makes the hood like the top of a sleeping bag when fully zipped. When you cant make it all the way home and have to crash on a stranger’s front lawn for the night, you don’t have to worry about pesky frostbite to the nose and facial areas as you rest your weary transient eyes. What more could you ask out of a winter coat besides this? Not only did Toy Machine make a spot on design, but they also made it comfortable and lightweight enough to wear while riding your skateboard through the city on those cold winter nights. –Adam Dorobiala

Danny Kass Series Crowbar
I’ve been rocking Oakley since Razorblades were cool. I had the mullet, the Gotcha! tank and OP Shorts. It’s understandable because I grew up on the beach. Nowadays a few things have changed. I cut the mullet, ditched the waves and now reside in the mountains. One thing hasn’t changed though, the fact that Oakley still makes some cool shit. I happened to get my grubby hands on a pair of Danny Kass Series Oakley Crowbars. These goggles are tight, and I mean that literally. They grabbed my face and formed a vacuum seal not even Spacebag could touch. When you’re bombing the hills there’s nothing worse than that wind whip that makes your eyes tear like your pet gerbil just died. As far as the frame and lens, these babies have all your tech needs covered, medium sized and lightweight, a spherical Plutonite fire iridium lens (mirrored so the girl on the lift next to you doesn’t notice you staring down Main St. as she “adjusts”), helmet compatible straps and strategically placed vents to let that pesky moisture out. Pick these guys up now or go back to the beach, howlie. – Shawn Mayer

Jedidiah Clothing
Hope Collection Tees/ Captain Zip Up
Basically it comes down to this, Jedidiah hooked it up with an immensely generous package filled with three shirts, a pair of jeans and a flash ass zip up jacket. The Captain zip up looks better and keeps me warmer then anything else in my closet, not to mention the bad ass “destroy hate” patch attached to the left arm. The denim is a rich, dark grey medium-baggy straight leg cut (note: all tight pants kids will need to make WallyWorld sewing machine alterations for that “I borrowed these pants from my girlfriend” fit). The shirts are 100 omfortable with an excellent cut that offers a little extra length but still holds a good slim fit. Better than the comfortable fit are the humanitarian causes each shirt supports ($5 - $10 of every sale gets donated to a different cause). The shirt graphics promote the cause in a very artistic yet subtle way so that it doesn’t look like a billboard advert. Screen printed inside the back of each shirt is a paragraph about what the cause is all about, how they got started and where they’re at today. If looking good, staying one step ahead of the style game and saving lives is what you’re into, then Jedidiah is what you should be rocking. Go to their web site to check out more clothes and learn more about the humanitarian causes they support. –Chris Swainston

C1RCA Footwear
99 Vulc
The C1RCA 99 Vulc is a midtop of night! This shoe has the power to get girls tyin’ your shoes, as well as preventing heel bruises from “splatting” down twelves. It comes with the Fusion Grip Sole (one of the grippiest in the industry). The hard leather on them adds life to the shoe. I’ve been skating them since I got ‘em and these shoes ain’t pussy, although it seems they’ve got nine lives. Chris Brunsteter (a local Circa rep) told me that they were intended to be more of a lifestyle shoe, and I’d like to say that they should crush it in that department. Try ‘em out! –Hehshun