Review: Goat Story Coffee Mug

Goat Story

Coffee Mug

Perhaps the perfect coffee accessory for the trend-setting, upwardly-mobile, modern-day viking, Goat Story’s mead horn–shaped mug brings style with its functional design. Sure, it’s not made out of an actual goat horn or anything, but there’s still something oddly satisfying about drinking your morning cup of coffee out of this splendid piece of plasticware. It even comes with a leather strap that clips onto two conveniently placed loops on the side of the cup, allowing you to go hands-free with your mug while you’re on the go—no cup-holder required. The cap is water-tight, enduring everything from a smooth drive to work to a bumpy bus commute without spilling, and the pleather thermal sleeve even slides off to serve as a tabletop stand for your noble drink vessel. Whether you’re a professional Dungeon Master or a time-traveling Norseman looking for a little taste of home, this horn was made for you. –Henry Glasheen