Review: Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees

4 Pop-Culture T-Shirts

If you’re looking for some saucy geek-related puns to hang on your geek-loving body, then Snorg Tees is a great place to start. Their designs are punchy and varied, featuring solid puns, dad jokes and entertaining mashups that will yield up giggles from nerds and non-nerds alike. While I do find myself flipping through their 24-hour deals every so often, it seems like their selection is geared more toward the nerd-casual and fandom end of the spectrum. For some people, this is a blessing, because nothing feels quite as awkward as having to explain the joke written across your chest to random passersby. Unfortunately, some of the jokes feel a little dated, and there’s such a scattershot assortment of shirt options that it’s hard to pin a concrete identity on Snorg Tees. That said, the “Mordor Fun Run” shirt is always good for a surprise laugh, while “The Wolf” makes for a classy, abstract wardrobe choice for weddings and other serious occasions. Snorg makes a quality tee with good stitching, designs that fade a lot less than your average 24-hour sale shirt and a selection that includes something for just about anyone. –Henry Glasheen