Skate Product Reviews – October 2007

Analog Clothing
Sumner 2 Denim Pants

One of the best-kept secrets in the skateboarding circuit is not so secret anymore. The Sumner 2 Denim Pants are incredibly comfortable and designed to last a lot longer than your other jeans. With a wider thigh to prevent crotch blowouts and two-way stretch, these denim make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. And on top of those fancy features there is a really fancy hidden pocket inside the front pocket that holds miscellaneous things safely, securely and stealthily. Analog is definitely on the up-and-coming with a whole new roster of skaters, including Arto Saari, Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski and Dylan Rieder. Comfortable jeans with really interesting artwork on their shirts should be all you need to know about their vesture. Only at select skateshops as of right now; if you have the chance to purchase some of their gear it will definitely put you on the cusp of being the next big thing. –Adam Dorobiala

Ricta Wheels
Appleyard Crystal All Star

I’ll have to admit when I first put this wheel on I was a little sketched. With a 78D durometer core and 82B durometer riding surface these wheels are much softer then I’m used to. However, all my doubt was quickly erased once I started skating. Even at 51mm these wheels are fast. I narrowly escaped the slobbery jowls of a young boxer pup named Mogli as he chased me full speed through the Technique parking lot before a skate park session. Once at the park these wheels took me by surprise. They’re the soft wheels with the hard wheel feel. Slashing through the bowls I could feel every little bump and change in the concrete and the 82B softness really gave you that extra grip you want when ripping through hard turns; don’t fear the softness because these wheels will slide through anything you push them through. Tail slides, blunt slides, power slides, everything goes. The only down fall is the flat spot factor. After only a couple power blunts at the park I had developed a small flat spot, slightly noticeable on smooth skate park concrete but unaccounted for on the streets. –Chris Swainston

Santa Cruz Skateboards
Powerply Deck

Before I even set this board up, I was instantly hyped. Made from crisp Canadian maple this Santa Cruz board looked amazing. At 8.12 inches it’s the ideal width and with a virtually identical nose and tail. Looks can be deceiving, but not this time; it’s the perfect shape. Once I put this board on I was instantly skating better. It is one of those boards your feet just connect with like they are attached to it. No matter what stance I was skating this board popped, flipped, and slid perfect. The concave and nose/tail steepness is right where I like it, the paints not too sticky and not too slippery. It has definitely been one of the best decks I’ve had this year. –Chris Swainston