Ogden Made and SLUG Magazine are giving away one Junction City Messenger Bag (small), one Boxcar Dopp Kit, one Twisted Divide bag, and one Ogden Made script logo tee!



The folks behind Ogden Made quite simply love designing, building and bringing beautiful utilitarian products to life. Ogden Made started out with some sketches and late night sewing to create some bags for themselves. A selfish project outside of the scope of their every day responsibilities. As they built these bags, they fell in love with them and decided that their project could be more, they could do more.

Looking around their community, they saw an opportunity – to create local jobs and products to help shape the future of Ogden. They took an empty room, filled it with a few state-of-the-art sewing machines and found talented Ogden locals with a passion for well-crafted goods. After codenaming the project ‘Ogden Made™’ with the mission to create awesome bags, create local jobs and help promote their awesome town: Ogden, Utah. Their bags are each signed by the artisan who made it and backed up with an unbeatable warranty. They don’t make bags with a useful life, they make bags that will be useful throughout your life. They are Ogden Made.



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