Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers

Posted March 21, 2011 in

Photo: O'Durgy

Wasatch Roller Derby geared up for an inner league bout Sat. March 12, putting the Black Diamond Divas and the Hot Wheelers against each other in what seemed to be a fast-paced game.  The jammers on both teams practiced patience when it came to scoring, while at the same time they were very aware of the other jammer’s chance of scoring.  Very few jams had scores over 10 points, and a lot of the jams had less than four points. Throughout most of the bout, the jammers were on each other’s heels, allowing the lead jammer to only score a couple of points for getting part way through the pack before calling the jam. This allowed the lead jammer to score some points while preventing the other team from scoring any at all. They were so conservative about scoring that almost 15 jams started and ended without either team scoring any points.

This strategy worked out well for the Hot Wheelers. They gained an early lead in the first quarter of the bout that put them up 20 points over the Black Diamond Divas. After this, the Hot Wheelers slowly climbed the point ladder. Surprisingly, the jammers on the Divas and the Wheelers obtained lead jam status almost the exact same number of times throughout both periods. This shows that the Wheelers did a good job of scoring and also put enough pressure on the Divas to make it hard for them to score, even when they had lead jam status. The Wheelers increased their lead one jam at a time and by the middle of the second period, they were up about 50 points over the Divas. Within the last three jams of the bout, the Divas scored over 20 points, closing the gap by a little bit. The bout ended 66-98 in favor of the Hot Wheelers.

Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy