Hilltop Aces vs. After Shocks

Posted April 22, 2011 in

The jammers of both teams were on each other’s heels and the pack was moving moderately, indicating the two teams of the Junction City Roller Dolls seemed well matched as the bout began. The girls of the Hilltop Aces slowly increased their score, a few points every bout while the girls of the After Shocks struggled to get any points. The only jammer of the After Shocks consistently scoring in the first bout was Wreck N Glamour #8. Clam Jammer #212 only got lead jam status once, and didn’t score anything, but did do a really good job of keeping up with the other team’s jammer and sometimes even prevented them from scoring. It also wasn’t for lack of trying on behalf of the Shocks’ blockers. Stryker Dawn #70 x 7, Nas Ti Lee #040 and Bad Karma Dharma #10+1 were hitting pretty hard, the Aces called a couple jams off after being tripped up by these ladies. In one jam, Bad Karma Dharma prevented the jammer of the Aces from getting through the pack, allowing the Shocks’ jammer to get ahead. When the Aces’ jammer finally got around her, Karma turned and saw Killa Patra #629 of the Aces trying to push Jak-U-Later #89, her jammer, to the outside of the track. Karma slammed into Killa Patra perfectly and sandwiched her against Jak, who held strong and Patra fell straight to the floor. Amazing work, but unfortunately no score came from it. The Aces got quite a bit ahead by the end of the first half. Miss Take #11 and Zelda Cruz #7 scored big in two jams, 10 and 15 respectively. The score landed at 63 to 26 in favor of the Hilltop Aces.

The second half began about the same as the first half. The Hilltop Aces started off well when Killa Patra scored 10 points in the first jam. The After Shocks came up with no points until the fourth jam when they scored big by Wreck N Glamour, who scored 20 points. This boosted their confidence based on their performance after this point, while lowering the Aces’ significantly. Just a couple jams later, Clam Jammer pulled another 20 point jam for the Shocks. By the last quarter of the bout, the After Shocks were within 10 points of the Hilltop Aces and, as you can imagine, the remainder of the bout was energized both on the track and in the crowd. Within the last 5 jams of the bout, Wreck N Glamour scored 39 points in two jams and Clam Jammer scored 19. By the end of the bout, the After Shocks turned the score around and won 30 points ahead of the Hilltop Aces.