HVDD Molly Morbids Get The Plague @ The Hive 12.15

Posted December 21, 2012 in

Molly Morbids vs. Moab's The Plague
Poor weather, frigid temperatures and the icy journey from Salt Lake couldn’t stop dedicated skaters from getting together for a day of scrimmaging and bouting on Saturday in Spanish Fork.

At the now-empty Food-4-Less, also known as The Hive, the Happy Valley Derby Darlins hosted an event deemed Holiday Havoc. It was an opportunity for skaters across the state to come together, skate against each other, and watch the Molly Morbids take on the Plague from Moab Roller Derby. Three half-hour scrimmages took place before the bout, allowing for some Morbids to warm up before the real challenge. For me, it was an opportunity to experience the real talent that Happy Valley has to provide. These girls threw my ass around the track for an hour, and eventually I couldn’t handle any more of their awesome skills after two scrimmages. While I never doubted it before, Happy Valley proved to me they are a force to be reckoned with.

After the scrimmages, skaters from the Morbids and the Plague began to warm up on the track. Recently, the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) announced new rules to the sport. Instead of two whistles releasing the jammers (skaters who earn points) after one whistle releasing the pack (a group of 8 skaters, 4 from each team), there is one whistle to release them all. Minor penalties were also eliminated, making it easier to rack up major penalties and spend more time in the “sin bin.”

The game began in the Morbids’ favor. Players were warmed up from scrimmaging, including Cookie and Chiquita Wabamya, who would be jamming and exerting the most energy during the two-minute jams. Plague jammer Bomb Trix spent her first two jams in the penalty box, allowing Chiquita and Pain in the Nikki to earn points first. The Morbids started well, building walls to block the opposing skaters, and taking control of the pack. The Plague seemed off to a rocky start and unsure of themselves. These girls came from the Four Corners area, perhaps the temperature was to blame.

Pain in the Nikki, who racked up the most points that night for the Morbids, brought the score to 40/21. Chiquita then proceeded to bring the Morbids up to 63 points … and then something changed. Three jams earlier the Morbids lost one of their jammers, Cookie, to a leg injury. The loss of a player must have affected the team because the Plague suddenly started running the show. Slowly, the Plague started bringing their score higher. Eventually, Bomb Trix (who earned the most points for her team that night) went up against Pain in the Nikki, both equally talented, nimble and fast skaters. Nikki went to the box, and Bomb Trix had a 2-minute power jam (when a skater has no opposing skater to contend with). Bomb Trix brought the Plagues score from 50 to 74, all within two minutes.

The Plague continued their climb by working together in a way that was missing during the first half. The new rules created confusion between the skaters and the refs, which led to a lengthy time out to discuss how many points the Plague actually had. The break seemed to refresh the Morbids, and they returned with ferocity. Pain in the Nikki, Chiquita and Bratty Cakes brought the game to a nail-biting final five minutes. Tubrookluosis, Track Hoe and Bomb Trix held the Plagues lead and eventually, in the final jam, it came down again to Nikki and Bomb Trix. Whether due to Plague or pressure, Nikki couldn’t keep her skates on the ground and the advantage fell to Bomb Trix, who brought the final score to 140/149, the Plague for the win.

While the Morbids didn’t win, they demonstrated their skills before and during the bout. The girls are working hard to prove themselves in 2013, and they definitely deserve all the praise they receive. Trust me, these bruises speak volumes.
Molly Morbids vs. Moab's The Plague Molly Morbids vs. Moab's The Plague