HVDD: Rollin Rebellion vs. Sirens of Steel 8.25

Posted August 28, 2012 in

HVDD Rollin' Rebellion. Photo: Ron Horton
Driving out to Spanish Fork, especially when you have only the faintest idea of where exactly you’re headed to, is a slightly daunting task.

When I finally found my destination, walking into the old Food 4 Less that houses The Hive, headquarters for the Happy Valley Derby Darlins, I saw how they made themselves a nice little niche in the community. Although slightly ghetto (nothing wrong with that, I myself being a west-sider), family, friends and fellow skaters communed around the track, and on the couches that lined it, of which I was extremely jealous of.

Both the Rollin Rebellion and Sirens had a lot of fresh meat in the line-up, this being their first bout as official skaters on their respectable teams. As the first half began, it was clear that it was going to be a rough bout. Both teams tried to get their jammer out of the pack first, many falling down in the attempt and often taking others with them.

Part way into the first half, Sirens skater Shimmy Shams took a nasty fall in turn 3, removing her from the bout. Many people forget that derby can be a very violent sport, sometimes distracted by fishnets and sexy shorts--skaters can actually get hurt

By halftime, Sirens led 57 to 39, although not without a few lead changes in the beginning.

The second half began much like the first, aggressive and violent, falls included. I don’t know if it was the actual floor of the Food 4 Less building, or just the nerves of new skaters, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many falls in any derby game I’ve ever been to.

Although injured earlier in the game, Shimmy Shams of Sirens came back into play showing even a sprained ankle couldn’t keep a determined derby girl out of the game.

While the Rebellion always seemed to bring in points, it never quite closed the gap, ending the game with Sirens victorious at a score of 121 to 86.

Even though driving out to Spanish Fork is more than an adventure for some SLC folks, I definitely recommend it if the opportunity ever arises for you. This league is on its way up, and I can’t wait to seem them rise and realize their full potential.
HVDD Rollin' Rebellion. Photo: Ron Horton HVDD Sirens of Steel. Photo: Ron Horton