Junction City Train Wrecks vs. O-Town 25th Street Brawlers: A Game of Sevens

Posted May 4, 2011 in

Train Wrecks dominate.

The Junction City Train Wrecks dominated this bout. There were 35 jams total. Out of these, the Train Wrecks scored in all but seven of them. In eleven of these jams there were 10 points or more scored, and in four of these jams there were 20 points or more scored. These points were distributed relatively evenly between Zelda Cruz #7, Killa Patra #629 and Wee Smasha #88. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Brawlers only scored in seven of the 35 jams. The majority of these points were collected in the first half by No Name Dame #0000. The jammers of the Brawlers accrued a lot of penalties, which allowed the Junction City jammers to take full advantage of power jam situations. Ninety-five points in the first half and 67 points in the second half were scored by Junction City in the same jam that a Brawler jammer was in penalty. There was an obvious discrepancy of performance levels between these Ogden teams, Junction City was definitely better prepared.

The first half ended with the score 36 to 134 in favor of Junction City. The second half started and it took seven jams for the Brawlers to even score anything. They actually only scored seven points in the entire second half. This was in part due to the fact that their biggest scorer, No Name Dame, didn’t finish the bout. The only strong jammer they had left was Josiecansockahoe #909 and she had a really difficult time getting past the Junction City’s blockers, probably because she was the sole jammer for the last seven jams in the bout. As with any game where the teams aren’t matched well, it was really hard to watch. The Junction City Train Wrecks looked very comfortable while O Town’s Brawlers just looked worn out. The Train Wrecks ended up scoring a total of 281 points, beating the Brawlers by almost 240 points.

Photos: Chris Bojanower
Train Wrecks dominate. Junction City vs. O-Town Roller derby gals.