Junction City Train Wrecks vs. Ventura Vendolls 06.16

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Train Wrecks vs. Vendolls. Photo: Jason Santti

For those of you who didn’t manage to make it out to the Derby Depot on Father's Day, you missed an utterly marvelous game. As it was a Sunday and also Father’s Day (I hope all you daddy-o’s had a good day), there weren’t many spectators in the Depot. Those who were there cheered enough for their respective teams to make it seem like a huge crowd of people, for both Ogden’s Train Wrecks and Cali’s Vendolls.

The first half started with a ferocious start. Junction City’s jammer, Pickle, started off trying hard to push out of the pack before Vendolls jammer, Chronic Speed, who managed to push ahead with help from her teammates and gained lead jammer, scoring the first points of the game. In Jam 3, we saw the first tie of the game with 19 points, only ending with Fatal Attraction of Vendolls being sent out on a penalty. This seemed to be very reminiscent of the game on Saturday between the Vendolls and the Bonneville Bonecrushers: Violent, penalty-filled jams, with me trying to make sense of it all through all of the whistle blowing and shouting—spectator, skater, and ref alike.

The Train Wrecks were not taking this bout lightly. They were coming back at the West Coasters with everything they had. About halfway through the first half, Pickle had to go out on a penalty leaving Vendoll Channing Hate’em in a power jam situation. Once Pickle could rejoin the game, her fellow Train Wrecker, Lady Shatterly, pulled an absolutely brilliant move of backing up on the track as Channing tried to rejoin the pack as she had gotten knocked out of play, and thus causing her to be called on a cut track penalty, and sent to the box. Unfortunately, Pickle couldn’t score any points in this little reverse power jam, but it was still an epic play for Junction.

As the first half continued on, it seemed Junction’s plan was to take quick point jams, slowly eating away at the score between themselves and Ventura. Once the jammer cleared the pack for the scoring round, they would quickly call it off. This strategy worked pretty well for a few jams, sometimes running into a few snags. With less than 10 minutes left of the first half, Pickle once again jammed for Junction, demonstrating some amazing skating skills. Chronic Speed was lead jammer for Vendolls, but as she got a nice hip check from another Junction player, fell down and tried to call off the jam––but not before Pickle jumped the corner of the track landing in front of the pack and snagging a quick 4 points. This was a definite crowd pleaser and the Junction City fans couldn’t get enough of her.

As half time finally rolled around, the Vendolls were still ahead at a score of 105-73.

The second half started off and it got quick and dirty real fast. Jammers on both teams pushed themselves, trying to get out of the pack first to mixed results: Multiple penalties, resulting in multiple players being out in the penalty box, most at the same time, with resulting power jams for both teams. Even with these, Junction always seemed to be a little behind.

With 10 minutes left of the game and the score at 151 Junction to 186 Ventura, the refs call a timeout to review all the past penalties and making sure all points were accounted for. Not sure if this break was much needed for the Train Wrecks, but either way, in the next jam, Pickle received a power jam as Titty Kitty of Ventura was still out in the box from the last jam. Pickle ended up scoring 22 points, only making the score a 13-point difference.

Tic Tac Flo jammed next for Junction, and it was still a power jam situation, as Titty Kitty ended up getting fouled out of the game, with Chronic Speed substituting for her. Less than 5 minutes of the jam was left and it became more of a nail biter each second. Junction kept closing the gap between the scores little by little, first being only an 8-point game then 6, only to have another time out for an official review. As Pickle once again jammed for Junction in the last jam of the game, she lucked out and got a power jam on top of becoming lead jammer as Fatal Attraction of Ventura was out in the box on a pushing penalty. She scored 14 points, leaving the Vendolls in the dust at a score of 192 to 186.

Junction City definitely pulled off this last-minute win with amazing style. Both teams tried their absolute best and it definitely showed. To learn more about our Odgen league, check out their website here. Check out more photos by Jason Santti here

Train Wrecks vs. Vendolls. Photo: Jason Santti Train Wrecks vs. Vendolls. Photo: Jason Santti Train Wrecks vs. Vendolls. Photo: Jason Santti Train Wrecks vs. Vendolls. Photo: Jason Santti