Junction City Trainwrecks vs. NW Tacokickers 08.20

Posted August 26, 2011 in

Junction City’s bout with the Tacokickers of Everett, Washington started out slow, and it seemed like the Tacokickers might be a good match for our gals from Ogden. Within the first couple jams, you might have guessed it was the Tacokickers’ game. The Tacokickers scored points, prevented Junction City from scoring points and even lapped one of Junction City’s best jammers. When Junction City did start to score, it didn’t seem as easy as they usually make it look. Malibu Harpy #310 was the first to score points for Junction City, she did so only after trying several times to get through the pack, falling while doing so. In the next jam, Clam Jammer #212 elicited cheers from the crowd. Trying to get lead jam status, Clam dodged Fatal Phoenix #78 to get ahead of the pack and then took a hard hit from LaBitchia #666 falling behind only to swiftly sneak through the pack a second time and steal lead jam status from Megan M. Crazy #88. She then lapped the pack again to score and took another huge hit. Killa Patra #629 of Junction City was up next jamming. She zoomed through the pack dodging blockers as per usual to get lead jam status. Three Taco Kickers ended up in the penalty box, allowing Killa Patra to score 20 points. After this, Junction City continued to score and outperform the visiting team, leaving the first couple of jams in the dust.

The Tacokickers had all the right physical skills, they just kept breaking game rules and making unnecessary mistakes. This landed them in the penalty box a lot, especially their jammers. One of the jammers of the Tacokickers didn’t even realize she had lead jam status in one of the jams and allowed Junction City to score while the visiting team yelled at her from the side lines to call off the jam. One of the noticeable successes of Junction City is that after taking a huge hit, the jammers still continue in the jam at least until they have scored some points. In one instance, Clam Jammer was hit going around the outside of the pack, but managed to stay inside the track balancing on one leg. Killa Patra also consistently pulls these types of moves. Patra took a big hit by Rockin Rolla Chola #210 and held it together just to put pressure on the Tacokickers’ jammer who had lead jam status. These types of moves pay off because by the end of the first half, the score was 90 to 27 in favor of Junction City.

The rest of the bout continued in much the same fashion, although it seemed a little less rough. Junction City scored themselves another 86 points in the second half, staying consistent as always. The Tacokickers stepped it up, though, and almost doubled their first half score with 43 points. At the end of the bout, Junction City won by over 100 points.