Leave it to Cleavers vs. Death Dealers 07.10.10

Posted July 14, 2010 in

Photo by O'Durgy

The first jam started out quick paced. Right off the bat there was a collision between two to three of the Leave it to Cleaver blockers and the Death Dealer jammer, RollHer Kitty #7. All of the skaters slid across the floor and almost into the suicide seating. Despite this, Kitty got lead jam status and scored for the Dealers. The bout continued quickly,  in favor of the Leave it to Cleavers after this, but only for the first little bit. They seemed to be holding control of lead jammer position effectively for the first couple jams, getting ahead of the Death Dealers by a gap of almost 25 in less than ten jams.  As their lead got larger, the Cleavers lost control and the Death Dealers took over the game. Scoring only a couple points at a time accomplished this. The Death Dealers somehow managed to prevent the Cleavers from scoring too much. They closed the gap slowly until the score was extremely close. At intermission it was 43 to 46 in favor of the Death Dealers. The score continued to grow in favor of both teams evenly until the third jam of the second half. 

This was the major turning point in the bout. At the beginning of this jam, Cleaver jammer Dirty Pirate Hooker #80085 was in a power jam position because Dealer jammer Moonraker #333 was in the penalty box from the last round. The Dealer blockers somehow prevented Hooker from obtaining lead jam status, this was probably due to the fact that two Cleaver blockers were also in penalty. Moonraker came out of the penalty box and got lead jam status in what seemed like a very short period of time. Then she went on to score 14 points in this single jam alone. This was awesome, especially considering the fact she already had played in the Shakers vs Arizona Roller Dolls game earlier that night. It’s almost as if the first game was just a warm up for her. 

The Dealers got a decent lead on the Cleavers and kept it throughout the rest of the bout. During the fifth to last jam, the Dealers gained 15 points and put their lead to over 30. Moonraker was matched up against Muffin Splitter #241. Instead of aggressively taking the lead, #333 held back and waited for Etta Bull #5 to lap the other blockers. I’m not sure what the strategy was here, but she took Muffin by surprise and prevented her from getting lead jammer status. Following this, Moonraker went on to score all the points previously mentioned. Whatever happened here, it ruined the jam for Muffin. Unfortunately for the Cleavers, she was definitely flustered and stumbled around the track.

Oddly enough, the Cleavers scored a decent amount of points after this. The Dealers maintained the lead though, and the Cleavers just couldn’t catch up to them. The bout ended at 81 to 98 in favor of the Dealers. 

This game was pretty physical, especially towards the end. Dealer blockers Smack and DeckHer #1111 and Movin’ Violation #911 were an essential combo to the Dealer team. They were definitely working well together in preventing Cleaver passage. Trixen Kixer #420 had some notable blocks for the Cleavers. Moonraker scored the most points of any jammer, around 60 for the entire bout. This is a lot considering the scores were relatively low by the end. The next highest scorer was China White #138. This was a pretty evenly matched bout and the Dealers did a good job of defeating the former league champions. 

Photo by O'Durgy Photo by O'Durgy