Midnight Terror vs. Jailhouse Jawbreakers 02.19

Posted February 22, 2011 in

Photo: O'Durgy

Midnight Terror of the Wasatch Roller Derby League squashed the Jailhouse Jawbreakers, an out of town team from Pueblo, Colorado last Saturday. It was obvious from the beginning of the bout that the teams were of different calibers. Midnight Terror’s strategy seemed to be pretty simple: score some points, call the jam. The Jawbreakers went at least nine jams in the first half without scoring any points at all, this is more than half of the total jams. The Terror’s also had a couple of very successful jams thanks to Skull Candi #5134. She had three jams in the first half alone that set her apart from the other jammers, two jams of 15 points and one with 19. She was scoring like crazy (over 65 points in the first half alone) and the blockers from the other team could not do anything about it. By the end of the first period, Midnight Terror had scored 111 points while the Jailhouse Jawbreakers had a measly 23 points. 


The Jawbreakers were down almost a hundred points and their chances of winning were near zero when the second half started, but surprisingly the game got more interesting during the second period. The jammers from the Jawbreakers stepped it up and started to get lead jam status at the beginning of the game. Momzilla #44 of the Jawbreakers scored over ten points in the second jam and this may have given the team some strength to finish the game. Unfortunately, Midnight Terror still seemed to score more points more often and the out of town team just couldn’t close the gap. Once again the Jawbreakers went nine jams without scoring points and eventually Terror was leading by over 100 points. The Jailhouse Jawbreakers scored seven more points than in the first half while Midnight Terror increased their score by only 60 points in the second half. This means that the Jawbreakers worked harder at preventing Terror’s girls from scoring. Overall though, Midnight Terror played very well and the Jawbreakers just couldn’t compete. The bout ended with the score of 53 to 171 in favor of Midnight Terror. 

Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy