Mountain Mayhem Black and White Picnic Scrimmage @ Derby Depot 07.30

Posted August 3, 2011 in

Picnic Scrimmage. Photo: O'Durgy
As I drove around to the back of a seemingly deserted warehouse, I thought, "Oh man, I hope I'm in the right spot." When I found the long line of parked cars in the back and smelled barbeque in the air, I knew I had successfully arrived at the Mountain Mayhem Black and White Picnic Scrimmage. Hosted by Wasatch Roller Derby, the picnic commenced at their home, the Derby Depot, on Saturday July 30. Wasatch has been hosting these picnic scrimmages twice a year since 2009. This type of event is special in the way that it allows and encourages skaters from different leagues to play together. On this particular day, 53 players participated from leagues both local and regional. Skaters from Salt City Derby Girls, Uinta Madness and Wasatch represented Salt Lake. Girls from the O-Town Derby Dames and Junction City were there from Ogden. The Happy Valley Derby Darlins came up from Spanish Fork, and there were even teams from Idaho and Nevada that came to play. Skaters were allowed to participate in the picnic scrimmage if their skills could be verified. After that, teams were divided up and, without practicing, the play began. Four, 30-minute bouts were played, two all-female and two co-ed. Honey Delunatic of Wasatch Roller Derby said that picnic scrimmages allow the players to get to know each other. They also allow newer players to get more play time on the track while also enabling the them to meet and play with other skaters of similar skill levels.

The bouts alternated between all-female and co-ed play. As one bout ended and the other began, the score wasn't what was important. It seemed that taking a water break and gearing up to play or referee in the next bout was the goal instead. Taking the teams out of the equation created an event that was purely about the skaters. All of these conditions made the atmosphere really comfortable, and from a spectator's perspective, there was little difference in the excitement of the game. The skaters still played strategically and still hit hard. If you enjoy watching derby, it's definitely worth it to check out one of these events and see all your favorite players from around the valley at once.
Picnic Scrimmage. Photo: O'Durgy Derby girls line up. Photo: O'Durgy Guys and girls playing together! Photo: O'Durgy