Mountain Throwdown on 10.02

Posted October 5, 2010 in

Photo: Ron Horton

Saturday Oct. 2 was Utah’s first annual roller derby tournament, Mountain Throwdown. This is pretty big stuff. Utah is stepping up its roller derby game. The tournament was comprised of three of Utah’s four all girl roller derby leagues: Salt Lake’s Salt City Derby Girls, Ogden’s Junction City Roller Dolls and O-Town Derby Dames. Their all-star teams battled it out in 30 minute bouts for a spot in the full hour championship bout. That’s a lot of derby! It came down to SLC’s Salt City Shakers and Ogden’s Junction City Trainwrecks. Who would be Utah’s roller derby champs?

For it being the championship game, the crowd was sparse. Where were all the derby fans? Everyone there still had a great time, but it wasn’t as big as I expected. Junction City’s Sarin Gasp took the first bout with two points, but the Trainwrecks were downhill from there. The next bout Salt City’s Moonraker had a penalty and wasn’t eligible for lead jammer. Junction City’s Zelda Cruz then took a minute and a half to achieve lead jammer status. She earned 4 points before having a penalty and Moonraker was brought back in. She went on to earn the Shakers’ first 2 points. From there Junction City wouldn’t score for another 14 minutes! Moonraker had the highest scoring jam when she scored 18 points half way through the first half bringing the score to Salt City - 50 and Junction City - 6. The jam was one in a run that more than quadrupled Salt City’s score. Salt City was so confident in their lead they started using different jammers other than China White and Moonraker like Smack and Deck Her and Nyda the Dead. Sadly NOS was still missing from the line-up due to injury. Junction City relied heavily on their two jammers Zelda Cruz and Sarin Gasp. Junction City’s star jammer Colonel Skirts didn’t seem up to her usual par. The Trainwrecks finally scored in the seventeenth minute, making their score 7. The next 2 jams nobody scored, but after that, Sarin Gasp was lead jammer and earned JCRD another 2 points! She scored more than half of Junction City’s first half points. The Trainwrecks scored one more point before the end of the first half. By half time the scores were Salt City - 94 and Junction City – 10. 

The second half followed a similar pattern. Salt City kept scoring and scoring. Junction City didn’t score again until half way through, making their total 12 points. In the end The Trainwrecks’ had almost doubled their score with 21 points, but they were flattened by Salt City’s 177. Junction City’s performance can be summed up as lackluster. They weren’t always that far behind in jams, but when it came to achieving lead jammer status it was like they hit a wall (figuratively and literally in the form of a blocker). They’d have one more skater to pass and Salt City would just pass them up.




Photo: Ron Horton